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Kyra Nixon
Kyra Nixon

Breakfast sammich!

I make this at work using a toaster and a microwave. At home, I spray a small microwavable container with olive oil and crack one egg into the container and seal it with a lid. I grab a handful of spinach leaves and put in a separate container with a lid. I place some grated cheese in a small container and put a bun in a baggie too.

At work, I beat the egg and place it and the container with the spinach in the microwave with the lids loosely on them. I toast my bun or bread while those two things cook for about 1.5 minutes. Make sure to check them though. When done, I put the egg on the bottom bun, then top with cheese. I squeeze some of the water from the spinach and place it on the cheese and the top with the bun lid.