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Summer farro salad
Farro- cook farro according to directions, I added some fresh OJ to the water for a little sweetness and richness. Drain and cool in a large mixing bowl.
Cooked veggies- Slice zucchini in half, toss in a marinade bowl, peel and slice an onion in half, add to bowl- toss with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper and dried oregano: grill indoors or out. Cook till soft, slice and add to farro. Halve and toss beets in marinade, grill (I used pre cooked ones, raw will take longer). Cook till soft, slice and add to farro. Repeat with peaches, marinate, cook, slice, add.
Asparagus- I broke in pieces & blanched.
Raw veggies- you can add whatever raw veggies you want here- carrots, spring onions, etc, I tossed in some spring garlic and chopped yellow bell pepper.
Herbs- I used cilantro, basil in the past, chop fine and add to farro
Cheese- I tend to use fresh mozzarella and tear it by hand and add to bowl. You could do feta, ricotta, even grated Grano Padano.
Dressing- this time I squeezed an orange and lemon on top, drizzled balsamic, olive oil, salt and pepper and slowly mixed it up.
Finish with extra pepper, flaky salt and olive oil to taste.

Originally inspired by Charlie Bird's farro salad, link below