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Ana @TastePacifico.
Ana @TastePacifico.

Leeks and preserved lemon risotto

I love Yotam Ottolenghi's recipes but lately I can considered myself a bit obsessed with his preserved lemons I want to used them every day. And then I cross paths with Moorish by Greg and Lucy Malouf and the fascination exploded. So here is my risotto version, I served it with grilled lobsters could not have been better

Cut 4 leeks in half and slice. In a heavy bottom pot, heat olive oil and cook the leeks until translucent and slightly caramel color, add 3 cups of arborio rice and toss to cover. Pour one half cup of white wine and cook until evaporated. Start pouring chicken stock a cup at a time and stir until almost dry, continue one cup at a time until the rice is tender but still has some resistance to the bite (Al-dente). Finely chop one preserved lemon and half bunch of parsley, incorporate into the risotto and season with black pepper and kosher salt. Serve with fried leeks on top
While the risotto is cooking, thinly slice lengthwise one leek and fry in batches until golden. #notconest #notrecipe #risotto #ottolenghi #malouf #sidedish #maincourse #seafood #f52grams