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Deviyani Srivastava
Deviyani Srivastava

Chocolate messy cake! Well when you are lazy just take a cup of flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and a pinch of salt.
Sift together, which butter, eggs and sugar until creamy. Mix up the yin yang gradually using the cut and fold method. Iff the batter is too thick add just a few teaspoons of milk.
Bake. Cool on a wire rack and slice in half. Drizzle rum on the lower layer. Prepare the ganache by combing chocolate and cream by Brain Marie method, add some rum. Combine cream cheese, whipped cream and ganache. Add in a few drops of Rum.
Plop everything in layers...I added some Nutella in between for cutting the bitterness of the rum (I realized it was too much rum). This messy rum chocolate turned so yum! Well the messiness wasn't intended but where there is Rum there is a mess... I loved this mess for sure!