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Chard omelette with make at home bread and watermelon coolers! What a dinner! ?

For the #chardomelette, inspired from epicurious
Just toss some onions with a bit of light olive oil till they're translucent. Add the herbs like thyme, parsley, basil, oregano, whatever you fancy.. Mix a bit and add the chard leaves only. When they get a little limp, set aside. Beat the eggs, about 5 here, nice and frothy, season. Toss it into the frying pan, layer on top with the onion chard mixture. Grate a bit of cheese over the top. Once the base is cooked, pop into oven to cook the top, et voila!
#Watermelon coolers:
Puree the meat of half a largish watermelon, blend with mint, and juice of a lemon. Probably made about 8 glasses.
Whole meal bread mix from #waitrose