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Pizza — bacon, kale, fresh tomato, a few pinches of dried oregano, feta and a scattering of Asiago for flavor — using Bill Alexander’s ratio, Tartine 50% whole wheat 100% hydration starter, and replacing 30 grams of the all-purpose flour per batch with semolina. Baked on well-heated refractory tiles from the kiln supply store at 550 degrees.

The small beefsteak tomatoes held up really well!

I made Tartine Bread whole wheat bread yesterday while canning blueberries - it’s so easy to turn the dough with other projects like that underway — and since I was going to be heating the oven for the bread, we had pizza for dinner.

(I also took advantage of the hot tiles in the oven to make cheat code lavash crackers.)

Cheat codes: I made a double batch of sourdough no-knead pizza dough the night before, freezing what we didn’t use for another night. Next time I make pizza, I’ll take that batch out of the freezer and put it in the fridge the night before.
I fried up an entire pound of bacon on Sunday. Why not make it all up at once? It keeps for at least a week, probably longer, once cooked.
I had a few minutes before heading off to work, so I grated the Asiago then - as always, grating more than I need, for other uses still not known within the next week or so.