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Natasha Umar
Natasha Umar

Yes I know it's as hot outside as it is in that bowl up there but I needed something to help clear up this cold! I usually put the broth on to simmer and then begin cooking the dumplings. Adjust the heat level according to preference, leaving out the chilis or sambal. Lastly, don't skip the garnish! They add some much needed freshness. I prefer Thai basil in this but sadl,y rarely have it on hand so, Italian basil works just as well.

TJs Gyoza Soup

Prepare Trader Joes Gyoza according to package directions (I prefer fried, for the texture).

Bring chicken broth, fresh chili, ginger, garlic, red onion, lemongrass and tamarind paste to a boil and allow to simmer for 15 mins.

Place small handful of greens (spinach or a mix of super greens) in the bottom of a bowl and place 3-4 dumplings on top. Strain hot brother over the greens and dumplings and garnish with fresh chilis, green onion, basil, Sambal Oelek