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Local Roots Wellness
Local Roots Wellness

Berry Fool - The easiest, most delicious seasonal dessert you can whip up in 5 minutes or less.

*Don't associate with fools, but if you have to, eat them for dessert!*

Use the best berries you can find. I like blackberries, any color of raspberry, gooseberries or tayberries (tart, so more honey), strawberries, cranberries (cooked, more honey, too) or really, let's be honest here, it's honey/vanilla whipped cream & a rough fruit puree- what fruit won't nestle up to this and be chums?


Put cold, heavy cream in a bowl with a little raw honey & vanilla bean powder. Whip your cream to soft peaks. I use my antique egg beaters.

Crush your berries in a different bowl. I use my hands, it's cathartic. ✊ Add in a little honey, leaving the berries slightly tart.

Also add in a little zest & juice of some-to-all of a lime, depending on how big of a fool you're making. (I usually use 1/2 a lime for 1 cup of cream & 1.5-2 cups of crushed berries.) Just taste as you go, this is impossible to mess up.

Pour the crushed berries into the cream, folding a few times with a spatula. UNDER fold the mixture, since serving the fool will also mix it some. You want ribbons of crushed berries marbled through the honey vanilla cream- so gorgeous and it makes for a different yet pleasing bite each time.

Divide the fool into pretty bowls. Top with berries, maybe a dollop of pure honey vanilla whipped cream that you set aside- if you planned ahead.

If you fold in crushed meringues, you'll have an Eton's Mess- which is equally good, and crunchy. If you do this, don't sweeten the cream.

Enjoy. ?