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Kaitlin Bray
Kaitlin Bray

summertime salads ?: red romaine lettuce, purslane, zucchini ribbons, orange bell pepper, chives, basil, garlicky croutons, and roasted beet chips dressed in the love child of pesto & guacamole, which I'm now calling Guape.

Blend a whole avocado with two handfuls of basil, garlic clove, shallot, juice of one lemon, salt & pepper. Thin out with water, lemon or olive oil till you like it.

Roasted beet chips:
Pre-heat oven to 400. thinly slice beets, lightly coat with oil (I used an avocado oil spray), season with salt, pepper and sumac and send them to the oven until they're crispy (30 min ish) turning once half way through-ish).