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You know how boneless chicken thighs have a large part and an attached smaller side? I started cutting the smaller pieces off and grilling them separately a while back, to avoid drying out the smaller side before the large side is fully cooked. I've taken this another step by cutting the small side pieces into smaller chunks and skewering them. This makes it easier to get them on and off the grill.

These I marinated in chopped garlic anc cilantro stems with Indian spices in plain yogurt, prepped the night before. Served with fresh corn, a beet and tomato salad with a touch of mint, blanched string beans with mustard dressing, and stone fruit flaugnarde. An easy weeknight meal. ;o)

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Cheat code: I bought three times the amount of chicken that we normally use. I cut it all up using the method described above, dividing two thirds of it into separate marinated portions. One batch I marinated in oil with Indian spices, chopped cilantro stems and garlic; in the other, Iadded chopped garlic, parsley stems and oregano, and lemon zest. I froze the 2 packages for future dinners.

Use poultry shears or other good sharp kitchen scissors to snip off excess fat from the raw thighs, and to cut the meat - so much more efficient than using a knife!