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Not quite a Cuban, but close. On a brioche bun (homemade from Tartine Bread book), we put deli Black Forest ham, sliced Swiss, Mojo Cuban slow roasted pork shoulder - recipe on Serious Eats - mustard, and homemade kosher dills. We toasted the sliced brioche buns and thoroughly warmed the pork, which helped to melt the cheese. Due to the fragile structure of the brioche, we did not press the sandwiches.

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No cheat codes contributed directly to the sandwich, but I did do several things that will contribute to future meals.

First, I bought more pork shoulder than we needed, so that I could put some aside in the freezer for future use. Did you know that pork shoulder grills well? I put aside a dinner-ready packet of uncooked pork shoulder in extra Cuban mojo marinade that I made when preparing the roast. In a few weeks, I will defrost it, skewer chunks and grill them.

(I also froze about 2 cups of shredded roast pork, which I froze for another dinner.)

When making these brioche buns, we shaped and baked the entire batch of dough as buns. When they cooled completely, I wrapped them in packages of four and popped them in the freezer for grilled burgers throughout the summer.