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Devon Hernandez
Devon Hernandez

It's a cooking day...after a busy last 4 weeks, getting back into the kitchen to do some batch cooking. Working on this week's breakfast: baked egg casserole.

I cooked down the stems of a 1 1/2 lb mix of Swiss and Rainbow chard with minced large clove of garlic, evoo and salt. Once sufficiently softened, I added the chopped leaves and cooked until they had wilted. Added in a good handful of chopped sundried tomatoes in oil, and some chopped onion (maybe a quarter onion?). Added cooked mixture to a sprayed or buttered baking dish (about 9x13), added fresh chopped basil on top, and dolloped some chèvre. That's how far you see here. The egg mixture poured on top before baking was 8 eggs lightly beaten with a cup of whole milk and a good teaspoon of dried powdered mustard, salt and pepper to taste. Baking now at 350F for about 45 min or so. Will be cutting squares to take to work for breakfast all week and a slice of toasted dark honey wheat bread from Abendessen bread. Yum!