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A zuchinni and chicken skillet dinner is one of the quickest most delicious dinners I can think of. Heat a large 14inch skillet over high heat, add several glugs of olive oils and once it is hot add sliced zuchinni. Brown the zucchini and then remove it from the pan. Add more oil if necessary and then add 1 tsp of garlic. When fragrant add 1 cup tomato sauce and one cup of veggie stock(or water with veggie bouillon) along with a pinch of dried oregano, chile flakes, and fresh basil. I used poached chicken(if u use raw sauté it after the zucchini). Add it now along with the zucchini and a 1/4 cup of bread crumbs. Add a splash of vodka and let the sauce thicken, top it with Parmesan and flash it under the broiler(or don't). Serve. #onepot #picoftheday #dinner #f52grams #instafood #italian #chicken