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Ma'ayan Plaut
Ma'ayan Plaut

In preparing for tomorrow's batch of fried green tomatoes (ingredients and tips are in a previous post), I decided to not waste the leftover breading station ingredients and made hybrid tortilla like flatbreads out of it.

I quickly fried thin dollops of the flour/corn meal/breadcrumb/egg/milk/spices (cayenne, garlic powder, smoked paprika, ground mustard) batter into three soft taco shells in a pan, then sautéed my onions and peppers with a clove or two of smashed garlic for the taco filling in the same pan.

I rounded out the fillings for tonight's tacos with refried black beans, cherry tomatoes, minced raw onion, and local cow's milk feta (it's mild, so it's more like a crumbly queso than the usual feta).