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Easily, one of the best raspberry jams I've ever made - bright clear flavors, not too sweet, and perfectly set. For this batch - 7 1/2 cups of jam - I used 4 1/2 pounds (a flat) of local Yerena Farms raspberries, crushed with 3 cups of sugar and 2 large, firm kiwi berries, peeled and chopped; I tied into a cheesecloth bundle the pips from the 3 lemons I squeezed for this, and dropped that in, too.

The berries macerated for 4 hours, then I strained them over my Mauviel preserves pan for about half an hour. I boiled that syrup down with the bag of pips, squeezing it well first to extract the gummy pectin. Then I added the berry pulp + 3 ounces of lemon juice (juice of three medium lemons).

I brought that up to a hard boil, stirring all the while, and let it cook down until the bubbles were small and close together, and the jam continued to boil vigorously even when stirred. I checked the gel set using cold spoons I'd put in the freezer.

When the jam was ready, I ladled it into sterilized canning jars, and covered and processed according to the manufacturer's instructions, for 15 minutes. ;o)

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Cheat codes are in the comments

Veronica Park
Veronica Park
Have you ever attempted plum rum jam (or any flavor jam with alcohol)? I'm eager to try it but would love advice! I've successfully made mixed berry jam and almost successfully made peach jam (flavor was perfect, but it didn't set as thick as I would have liked).
Not so much a cheat code, but common sense: get all of your tools and ingredients out well in advance, and start your water boiling early (I use 2 large stock pots and keep my tea kettle hot for topping off, instead of using the standard enormous canning pot.)

Keep in mind that there will be downtime, so use it to get ready for the next step, or even to do other things.

For example, after I crushed the berries for macerating, I made bread dough, and then made dinner.

By the time the jam was cooked, the dough was ready to bake. While the bread was in the oven, I cleaned up and made granola - all of this while listening to baseball on the radio. ;o)