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Herbed chicken and "ratatouille sauce" over parmesan polenta!

I sautéed garlic and onions in my stovetop pressure cooker, then tossed in some chopped CSA veg (eggplant, zucchini, yellow squash) and the remnants of a few jars of roasted red peppers and oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes. I cooked it at high pressure for 10-12 minutes, then pulsed it a few times with my immersion blender to thicken it a bit.

I also made the polenta in my Instant Pot (seven minutes), then stirred in butter and Parmesan to finish.

I ladled the polenta into bowls, spooned on some sauce, then topped with grilled herbed chicken breasts and some fresh basil. Killer! Pressure cookers are rocking my world these days!