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Have I told you... we LOVE chocolate!!! So you can imagine my absolute JOY over this DELICIOUSLY fruity and healthy Chocolate Chia Pudding and Nice Cream Parfait!

1st layer: chocolate chia pudding made with almond milk, lined with strawberry slices. 2nd: bananas and granola. 3rd: chocolate nice cream (frozen bananas blended with cacao nibs and a splash of chocolate almond milk). Topped with puffed quinoa, granola, coconut flakes and sliced fruit! PS. the brownish balls on top are caramel pieces my kid threw in... totally optional, but he loves em ?

This stuff is sooo good & satisfying... You (and by you, I mean "I") can EASILY eat this stuff for breakfast and dessert!!! Have you tried chia pudding? I'm brand new to it but totally a fan!!!