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Miss Layla
Miss Layla

Morning Monkey Shake! ??

I have never made this before and this was a brilliant discovery! So I had a banana that was sitting in my refrigerator... Thus the banana's brown attitude... I also have sad fridge right now and I was hunting for breakfast options. I don't even have milk which is why I used coffee as my liquid, and I have to say.... This was awesome with a kick and accidentally VEGAN, so how 'bout that! This little number is protein rich, no sugar added and perfect for the morning athlete! It may even be Paleo... ?
It's making me bounce off the walls with delight, which is why I have dubbed this the
?Monkey Shake. ?

- 1 overly ripe banana
- 6 raw Brazil nuts
- 1 heaping tbsp. organic, unsweetened cocoa powder
- 1 heaping tbsp. raw, shelled hemp seeds
- 1 heaping tbsp. Chia seeds
- 6 oz. super strong brewed coffee (at room temperature or cooler as this was also in my refrigerator; it's too hot in California for a hot cup of coffee in the morning so I brew mine at night and stick it in the refrigerator for an iced cup when I wake up.)
- a handful of ice cubes

Instructions: combine all ingredients in a blender and pulse/blend until your desired smoothie consistency is achieved. I add more ice because I like mine ridiculously cold and brain-freezey. Garnish with more seeds and maybe a banana wheel. (Super cool banana wheel garnish missing in this photo.)

***For the athletes: try another variation by adding your daily protein powder

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