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Jade DaRu
Jade DaRu

Saffron-infused Puttanesca Hash

The very definition of Puttanesca (in the food sense) is to pretty much put whatever you have on hand into the dish.

I cut up some duck kielbasa from Dickson Farms (I was so excited about this when I stopped by there the other day) and fried that in a pan with sliced brussels sprouts, some minced garlic, Serrano pepper seeded, deveined and finely chopped, chopped sun dried tomatoes in oil, but any will do, chopped oil-cures olives, about a tablespoon of chopped sour pickle (yes, sour pickle I happened to have on hand that was perfect to add a slight briny brightness to the hash,) a teaspoon or so of dried coriander, a teaspoon or so of cumin, and a good pinch of saffron. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook until sprouts are tender.
I fried some eggs and toasted some sourdough bread and voilà "brunch!"