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Danese Cooper
Danese Cooper

Eggs Rabia (named after the Moroccan woman who taught me).

This is my go-to quick breakfast. Only takes 10 minutes start to finish after water is boiling, and they don't last long after they're served!

2 good eggs per serving
Slivers of unsalted butter
Freshly ground toasted cumin seed
Tamari or Nama Shoyu sauce

Boil eggs (I like 6-minute eggs...yolks set but still moist in the center, but boil them how you like them)
Peel eggs while still hot.
Cut eggs in half longitudinally (as if for Devilled Eggs).
Dot each yolk with a sliver of butter.
Sprinkle cumin lightly over all.
Dribble a few drops of Tamari over all.
Eat them as soon as butter melts, and while they're still hot!

Mary duffy
Mary duffy
Sounds so good