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without a doubt, one of my favorite bowls of food.

my parents are both Vietnamese, and spent their childhoods in Laos and Thailand before immigrating to the States in 1975. needless to say, I grew up eating some of the most delicious flavors and textures. sometimes the family dishes I cook taste that much better, for the comfort, nostalgia, and history that inflect every bite.

this particular dish is one to make for the people you love most; my father's secret-recipe sauce for the noodles is unbelievable--i've never tasted anything else like it. but it must be prepared carefully, bowl by bowl. each serving is made specially for the human who will eat it.

what can be made en masse, though, is the crispy roasted pork belly. there is more than one way to make it, but last night, i pierced the skin all over before scalding it with boiling water. then i laid it in a baking dish to marinate in olive oil, red wine, brown sugar, cayenne, cumin, garlic powder, paprika, and Kosher salt. being sure to only let the marinade rise to the level of the meaty flesh, i let the skin dry overnight in the fridge, uncovered. today, i roasted the pork belly for 40 minutes on 275 degrees, before cranking up the heat to 450 to crisp the skin.