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viet girl nostalgia weekend continues! i remember childhood weekends that began with the smell of phở or bánh cuốn. phở season is still a couple months away, so bánh cuốn it is!

traditional bánh cuốn isn't nearly this meaty; sometimes, it doesn't include meat at all. and the scallions are my addition-- for the touch of green and a taste that i love. the filling itself is super simple: ground pork, Kosher salt, fish sauce, finely diced onion or shallots, chopped black mushroom, and sliced scallions. you can make it ahead of time to simplify the morning-of process of making and rolling the rice crepes.

bánh cuốn re-heats terribly, which gives me an excuse to eat all of it with no regrets. when i'm on my game, i can devour a whole plate in 7 minutes flat. and, the same way i did as a kid. no adult distractions of utensils or nước mắm. just fingers, hand to mouth.