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Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams


Soak some clams.

Render 3 pieces bacon cut into lardons, remove, cook onion until soft add garlic cook until aromatic. Add sungold tomatoes, coarse chopped eggplant and chopped miscellaneous peppers (I used nardellos and shishitos coarsely chopped). Add arborio, sauté until translucent add chicken stock stir place whole small sized tomatoes (more sungolds and small Roma's) on top and leave it alone.

On the grill, dust boneless chicken thighs with salt pepper and paprika. Cook on high heat both sides until mostly cooked and good char develops on the ends. Split a smoke chorizo in half and grill quickly both to warm up and develop flavor. Chop the chicken and chorizo to bite sized pieces.

When liquid level in the pan has dropped below the rice enough to do nest clams on top of the rice and cover to steam. As the clams begin to open remove the lid and scatter the chicken and chorizo on top. Allow the paella to finish in covered. It's finished when it transitions from bubbling to sizzling.

Garnish with parsley. Serve with lemon.

Ooh,mad respect. That is some impressive kitchen coordination!