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Shin Dee Liew
Shin Dee Liew

Prime ribeye roast!

2.1kg (4.63 pound) USDA prime ribeye, thawed to room temperature

Salt+pepper+garlic powder rub (I mixed my own) or any dry rub of your choice

7-8 garlic cloves, bashed

Sprigs of rosemary

Make sure the meat is thawed to room temp

Make small nicks in the meat. Embedded the bashed garlic cloves & rosemary sprigs in the nicks.

Do a dry rub of ur choice - I did a salt+pepper+garlic powder rub

Pre-heat oven at 230 degrees celcius

Oven sear at 230 degrees for 15mins - reduce heat to 130 degrees for 1hr 50mins

Before popping it in the oven, stick a meat thermometer into the thickest part

Check the temp of the meat thermometer. If you prefer medium, take it out when the reading is 130F/55C

Let the meat rest for up to 30mins.

Carve & serve - yum yum!