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Olives and Wine
Olives and Wine

Paella - visited my Spanish friend on a whim, she cooked me paella on a whim. Didn't know it was so easy and quick so got myself a paella pan and made one. I should have used white rice instead of brown, rice came out tad bit stiffer. Otherwise, a delicious and easy weekday dish.
Sauté meat on paella pan, take out and set aside, sauté onions, bell pepper, peas and garlic in same pan. Add rice, sauté some more, and add saffron, then add broth / stock. Stir lightly, add back meat and cook, undisturbed until rice is done. Halfway, add olives and sprinkle rosemary and / or thyme. When done, cover with cloth for about 10min to let it rest, then decorate with veggies.
Rice should stick crisply to the bottom. That's the best part of this dish.
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