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welcoming in cozy fall with some Vietnamese comfort: đậu phụ kho. this pork and tofu dish sticks to every rib in the most magical way possible.

dice an onion and cut a few country-style pork ribs into chunks. marinate overnight in some kosher salt and garlic powder. cube firm tofu and let dry on a rack, too.

when ready to cook, preheat oven, with prepared wire roasting rack sprayed with nonstick whatever, to 400F. squeeze remaining excess water out of tofu cubes and bake on the preheated rack until crispy, 45-50 minutes (turning the cubes halfway through).

meanwhile, cook the pork and onions in an oiled Dutch oven or braiser over medium heat. add some sliced fresh tomatoes, with their juice, and some paprika and Maggi seasoning sauce. let it all thicken and come together, then add the crispy baked tofu. give everything a nice toss with some sliced scallions, cover with a lid, and let all the flavors marry on low heat.

like all braises, this stuff is even better the next day. spoon over jasmine rice and let the cool autumn rain fall 🤗