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Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams

Braised oxtail pasta

Generously salt and pepper oxtails. Put a Dutch oven on medium high heat until hot but not smoking, add olive oil then oxtails. Sear until deep brown, remove add roughly chopped onion, celery and a carrot cook until softened and some color develops. Add a bit of red wine and deglaze. Add oxtails back to the pot top with parchment and the lid them put in the oven at 250 deg. Cook 4-5 hrs or until oxtails are very soft.

Remove from oven remove oxtails and debone. Cook pasta. Purée the veg in the Dutch oven. Add the picked meat back to the pot add the pasta and a bit of the pasta water. Mix over medium heat until thickened and coating the noodles. Search with fresh parsley.