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Snowed in.. Chicken & Orzo Soup w Dill

Chicken (leftover from last night's roasted chicken)
Chicken Broth (made mine from the chicken)
Fresh Dill

Pulled meat from chicken and made a stock using the rest of the chicken (onions, carrot, celery, bay leaf, peppercorn, salt, strain, reduce for flavor if necessary)

Sweat shallots, celery, carrots. Add 2-3 minced garlic cloves, pulled chicken, and broth (homemade or boxed). Cover and allow to slow simmer until soup has married and veg is tender.

Separately boil orzo until al dente (I don't like the starches from boiling pasta in my soup. It makes for a more clear and pretty broth). Add desired amount of orzo to each bowl of soup, top w fresh dill.

Here's to hoping the snow and ice stays long enough to get another day off from all responsibility. I've got chicken soup, plenty of great wine, and Netflix. Bring it on. ❄️☃️🍷

My Turn To Cook
My Turn To Cook
New recipe to me..👍
I've used leftover whole chickens, or just poached chicken breasts in the broth before shredding. Either way, great comfort food. A little fresh dill is my secret..or (not)secret now. 😉