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matt delorio
matt delorio

Rib Eye with Garlic Parsley Butter (sautéed mushrooms optional)

Seasoning- Italian seasoning, S&P, rub it in and let sit for half hour on the counter so steak is not cold when you put it in the skillet.

Cast iron grill over medium to hi heat
- melt grape seed oil and non salted butter

- I like my steak medium, I cooked on each side for about four minutes.

Garlic Parsley butter
- in a bowl take about 2tbsp butter, one pressed late garlic clove and as much chopped parsley as you like and mix together.

Remove steak to a room temp plate and let sit for seven minutes (keep skillet hot)

Then place steak back on skillet just long enough to heat both sides and scoop garlic Parsley butter onto each side and let melt and serve.

I also sautéed mushrooms earlier and then reheated them in the skillet with the butter and topped the steak once plated.

Keaira Wilson
Keaira Wilson
Looks yummy