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Christy Heng
Christy Heng

First home-cooked meal after CNY 🍾️🎉🎆🐔 This is considered a cultural heirloom for us, if you have this, you'd keep getting more rice, but somehow everyone's version taste slightly different from one another 🤷🏻‍♀️

Black Chicken with Blanched Broccoli
🐥Chicken, bone-in, cut into chunks
🐥Potatoes, peeled + cut into chunks
(I used Russet Potatoes)🥔🥔🥔
🐥Garlic, chopped
🐥Ginger slices
🐥Oyster sauce
🐥Dark soy sauce
🐥White pepper powder

🐔Served with blanched broccoli (I only bleached them in unsalted water because the sauce of the chicken was already salty) + good ol' rice
🐣Basically sauté the aromatics(garlic+ginger) first, add the meat and potatoes, then adjust your sauces and flavours accordingly.
🐣Add some water if it gets too thick.