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Christy Heng
Christy Heng

It's the 7th day of Lunar New Year! That means it's Mankind's Day (人日)!For those of you who don't know, this day is celebrated as mankind/everyone's birthday! And to celebrate it, Chinese people would eat a particular noodle called miàn xiàn (面线) that symbolises longevity 🤗

🍜 Miàn xiàn noodles
🍜 Minced chicken (you can use chicken slices or chunks, or other meats like pork or beef too)
🍜Shiitake mushrooms
🍜Chicken cube or broth

😋Noodles + Broccoli + Egg are all cooked only when you're going to serve it. No one wants overlooked noodles and broccoli. And everyone wants nicely poached eggs 😋😋😋

p.s. You can add more aromatics if you want. I just prefer only ginger in my soups haha