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Jacquelyn Coomber
Jacquelyn Coomber

My first attempt at sourdough from my own starter. Lots of love and care... there is no comfortable "room temperature" in our flat; it is less than ideal to flourish a starter. It will take a week to begin a starter:

equal parts flour & water, feeding it each day with more flour and water. Use a glass snap-lid jar to keep it convenient. Early on, I added a few grapes to give the yeast something to feed on; remove them after the fourth day. Also, stirring regularly will help the wild yeast to grow. When you have lots of big bubbles in the dough, especially when bubbles begin to form almost immediately after feeding, you should be ready to harvest your first loaf. It should go without saying but you will smell the sourdough.. it is quite horrible. You'll need to read elsewhere on how to maintain your starter.

For the loaf: I seasoned my dough with Rosemary infused oil, fresh chopped rosemary, and salt.

This was a no-knead loaf as I didn't want to knock out the bubbles. I folded it into a boule and decided not to cut it to allow the natural folds to decorate it. You will need a Dutch oven and high temperature to get that symphony of crust. Pre-heat pot & lid in oven. Bake at 230c for 30 minutes covered, and 15 minutes uncovered.

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