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Allie Kruse.
Allie Kruse.

I first got into cooking back in 2007. I had recently gone vegan, and it was more difficult back then; at least in Milwaukee, Wi. I had to cook for myself and become more creative to avoid living life as a junk food vegan, purchasing prepackaged fake meats and frozen dinners.
Ten years later, no longer vegan, but I strive to create plant based dishes 80% of the time.
Today, I was particularly nostalgic, and made my favorite butternut squash farro "risotto" with garlicky roasted Brussels sprouts and quick marinated tomatoes- an old favorite of mine.
Challenge yourself to make a new vegan dish once in a while. It's fun to work without the usual standbys to make something delicious. Food SHOULD taste good without masking it with butter and cream and bacon!