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Allie Kruse.
Allie Kruse.

Vegan Meyer lemon tart with coconut whipped cream and roasted strawberries.
Strawberries aren't at their sweetest yet, so roasting them with a little bit of olive oil, salt and honey really brings it out. I add a few drops of balsamic after cooking to add a little acidity and depth.
Coconut whipped cream is absolutely amazingly decadent. Just scoop the cream off of a can of chilled coconut milk, and whip with some vanilla and sweetener of your choice. I like maple syrup!
The crust is a basic raw vegan recipe. Just some almonds and cashews (or just almonds. Or whatever nuts you have laying around) with some dates, kosher salt and vanilla.

Filling is a purée of Meyer lemon juice, soaked cashews, dates, salt, vanilla, coconut oil and water.