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Jacquelyn Coomber
Jacquelyn Coomber

My chicken broth turned shockingly gelatinous this week! My first attempt at homemade stock was a bit of a miss as I added potato peel; that made it cloudy. I also let it boil and that is not recommended as it too clouds the stock. After reading a few articles and cook books (from Julia, Ina, Martha, Giada) I had another go and it turned beautifully gelatinous and flavourful. I froze half of it in ice cube trays for future sauces and cooking. The flavour is so rich and easily portioned for usage.

I used:
The carcass of one roasted chicken, the wings with meat & skin on.
Drippings from roasted chicken
Carrots x 2
Celery x 1 stalk
Brown onion x
Garlic x 1 bulb
Green bell pepper x 1
Lemon rind x 1/2
Bay leaf
Rosemary sprig

Cover with water, and simmer below a boil for 5-6 hours or more, depending on how much time you have. Mine went for about 7 hours and lots of collagen had been added to the broth. Skim the fat off every 1/2 hour. Sieve/strain when you're finished. Once cooled store or freeze. And then you can add your own bouillon cubes to your meals all week long!