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Hunter Williams
Hunter Williams

Salted Caramel Tiramisu

Mix 2 shots espresso with 1 shot of rum and a tablespoon of raw sugar. Break lady fingers into 1" segments pour coffee and rum mixture over them in a medium sized bowl. Toss to soak, set aside tossing every couple mins.

Make about 2 cups of sugar into a medium - dark caramel. Pour into a silpat and let cool completely. Shatter caramel and add to food processor. Pulse to make caramel sugar.

Whisk a couple cups of cream adding caramel sugar, powdered sugar and salt to make a tasty caramel whipped cream tasting as you go. Stir in a bit of vanilla bean paste if available.

To assemble, use a container with clear walls like a water glass. Add a scoop of whipped cream, lady fingers, cream, fingers, etc until full getting good thick layers of whipped cream. Dust some unsweetened cocoa on top.