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Lara Niamh
Lara Niamh

Some variation of this is on my table every other day, it makes for an uplifting addition to any meal but also a lovely way to start the day!
Chop veggies: here I used cherry tomatoes, cucumber and avocado. Cut up or crumble some soft cheese such as feta and toss in some leaves, here I used baby kale. Chop a small handful of parsley and add that along with salt, pepper, olive oil and a squeeze of lemon juice. Top off with some sprouts and toasted seeds - here I used hemp seeds and tamari roasted soybeans.
Without the sprouts and leafy greens leftovers also keep well until the next day and make for a delicious breakfast with some freshly toasted bread (keep in the fridge overnight and take out as soon as you get up so it has some time to reach room temperature before you eat it - the flavours are much more pronounced that way).