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Kylie Thompson
Kylie Thompson

Super Simple Italian-Inspired Salad with Beans, Bacon, and Basil Aioli

This salad is perfect for hot, muggy nights. It's bright and refreshing, but the beans and bacon make it filling! The basil aioli is simple to whip up and adds an awesome zip to the salad that's just perfection.

*NOTE: I also thought this would be good with soft-boiled eggs but somehow both of them got fucked up while I was cooking them, so I gave up. If you make this, you might want to try an egg with it! Just my 2¢!*

Serves: 4

Cost: Approximately $3.13 per serving* (This price doesn't include dried herbs, oil, and other common pantry items.)

Skill Level: Easy

Time to Make: 25 minutes



12 ounces thick-sliced bacon

1 14.5-ounce can of cannellini beans

8 cherry tomatoes

6 radishes

1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

12 ounces mixed greens of your choice


4 garlic cloves

1/2 cup fresh basil leaves

1 egg and 1 egg yolk

1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

1/2 lemon

Salt and pepper to taste


Marinate the Steak: Drain and rinse the cannellini beans. Quarter the radishes and cherry tomatoes. Rinse the greens. Juice the lemon half.

Prepare the Beans: In a medium bowl, combine the drained beans, radishes, and cherry tomatoes. Drizzle with the 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Leave at room temperature until ready to serve.

Prepare the Basil Aioli: In a food processor, combine the basil leaves, garlic cloves, and lemon juice. Pulse until smooth. Add the egg and egg yolk and pulse until smooth. Slowly add the extra virgin olive oil, pulsing after each addition, until well incorporated and smooth. Taste and season with salt and pepper. Chill until ready to serve.

Fry the Bacon: In a medium skillet over medium heat, cook the bacon until browned and crispy all over, about 7-10 minutes. Transfer the bacon to a paper towel lined plate.

To Serve: Divide the salad greens between plates and spoon the bean, tomato, and radish mixture over top. Crumble the bacon on top and serve with the basil aioli. Enjoy!