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Adriana Michaels
Adriana Michaels

chicken and vegetable souffle

Adriana Michaels
Adriana Michaels
Chicken and vegetables soufflé


2 cups of 2% Milk
1 cup of 100% whole grain Ivory wheat
2cups of rainbow chard or (you can use any raw vegetable that do you have)
1/2cup of red peppers
1/2cup of red onion
4 brown eggs
2 cups of chicken
1/4cup of green onion
1tsp of turmeric
1tsp of Mediterranean Pink salt

1. In a glass bowl mix the milk, the eggs, the turmeric, the Mediterranean pink salt and the wheat flour
2. cut in little squares the rainbow chard, the red pepper, the red onion and green onion and then add to the previous mix
3. To finish add the 2 cups of chicken remember that the chicken must be cooked
3. After everything is mixed pour the mixture in the pan
4. Finally put the pan in a pre heater oven at 400 degrees for 40 to 45min