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Our handpicked selection isn't just useful, it's beautiful too - because we're all about going the extra mile to delight pretty much everyone. Let us help you tailor a thoughtful corporate gift plan that checks all the boxes: from thank you gifts for your clients to holiday care packages for your amazing team.

Our Favorite Bundles

How do you create the best one-of-a-kind gift? Let us count the ways. (Literally.) These bundles you'll see are just the beginning. The sky's the limit! Let's get gifting.

Five Two Kitchen All-Stars Set | We’ve got you covered: Our durable 100% cotton twill apron with an adjustable design (and clever conversion chart built right into the pocket); a quick-drying flour sack and ultra-absorbent utility towel set you can really count on; and pot holders and oven mitts in flexible, heat-proof silicone. Featured Product: Ultimate Apron; Silicone Oven Mitt Set; Silicone Pot Holder Set; Essential Kitchen Towels (Set of 6)
Five Two Chop, Slice & Prep Set | With our community, we created a one-of-a-kind renewable bamboo cutting board to revolutionize chopping, slicing, and carving. It’s paired with our ultra-sharp Japanese steel knife set—here to take on any task in eye-candy colors. Together, they’ll sail through prep work and beyond. Featured Product: Bamboo Cutting Board; Essential Knives (Set of 3) Featured Product: Bamboo Cutting Board; Essential Knives (Set of 3)
Five Two Eco-Friendly Helpers Set | Durable and antimicrobial, our silicone lids are the ultimate substitute for plastic wrap. And there's more to love: A set of our best-selling reusable straws, ready to dive into any drink (they come with a handy carrying case, too). Featured Product: Silicone Straws (Set of 10); Airtight Silicone Lids
Two Baker’s BFF Set | Our apron’s got an adjustable design so you can fold it, tuck it, wrap it, and wear it however you please—plus, there’s loads of extra perks to wow you. Tagging along: Our trusty wooden spoons, crafted in lightweight yet sturdy teak with some good-looking vintage details. Featured product: Ultimate Apron; Wooden Spoons (Set of 5)

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