By fo
June 18, 2011

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Serves: a few




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nogaga July 10, 2011
Hi frankieolives! I'm planning on making this tonight :) Can you tell me how many lemons and oranges you normally need for this recipe? Many thanks!
Author Comment
fo July 14, 2011
oh geez, im so sorry. i just saw this note :( one orange, about 4 lemons if i recall?
Author Comment
fo July 14, 2011
i wish i could remember :(
lapadia June 24, 2011
The best Damn name, not to mention delicious! Oh, congrats on the spotlight, too!
Author Comment
fo June 24, 2011
thanks so much lapadia! i assume you tried it? i dont eat a lot of sweets, in fact, i cut out white sugar a while back and have been doing quite well, for the most part, but this is one where i make an exception!
lapadia June 24, 2011
Hi again...I haven't tried your recipe, yet, I just saw it and needed to comment. I don't use/eat a lot of sugar either, regardless, of that, we all have a few "sugar" recipes that must be tried, and I will get back when I have! Gotta love the name :)
mrslarkin June 21, 2011
oh my goodness. I'm afraid I'd eat the whole thing myself.
Author Comment
fo June 21, 2011
yes, be afraid, be very afraid ; )
Lydiac June 19, 2011
This sounds divine. I can't wait to make this!
Author Comment
fo June 19, 2011
Lydiac, I can't even tell you how awesome it is. I can't wait for you to make it and report back!
nogaga June 18, 2011
Damn, this looks good!
Author Comment
fo June 18, 2011
hi nogaga! i will be making this again and posting better pictures. check back! (ps, they are SO good!)