Dad's Favorite Seafood Stew

October 16, 2011

Author Notes: Our family was in the retail fish and seafood business for almost 80 years and during the course of time hundreds of seafood recipes were collected, tested and developed. Dad came up with this one years ago and it's been a family favorite for those of us who love the fruits of the sea. An impressive, but easy, company dish for four to six....Serve it up with crusty bread !inpatskitchen

Food52 Review: WHO: inpatskitchen is an avid FOOD52-er and food blogger -- with fish and seafood retail in her blood.
WHAT: A bright, pure seafood stew that comes together in just 20 minutes.
HOW: Simmer tomatoes, stock, and wine, add seafood, simmer some more, and garnish. (That's it!)
WHY WE LOVE IT: This stew tastes of the sea -- if the sea was delicately perfumed with tomatoes, aromatics, and herbs. Plus, the broth was so good that we drank it on it's own.
The Editors

Serves: 4 to 6
Prep time: 25 min
Cook time: 17 min


  • 1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 4 crushed garlic cloves
  • 6 peeled and seeded roma tomatoes cut into thin strips
  • 1 cup homemade fish stock, purchased seafood stock or clam juice
  • 1/2 cup dry white wine
  • 1 pound skinned saltwater fish filets(snapper, sole, halibut, cod) cut into 2 inch chunks
  • 16 large peeled and deveined raw shrimp
  • 16 sea scallops
  • 1/2 cup finely shredded fresh basil leaves
  • 1/2 cup chopped flat leaf parsley
In This Recipe


  1. Heat the oil in a 4 to 6 quart dutch oven or sauce pot. Add the crushed garlic and saute on very low heat for about two minutes or until the garlic is fragrant but not browned.
  2. Add the tomatoes, stock and wine and simmer for about 10 minutes. (At this point you can cool and refrigerate this if you want to prep a day ahead - just reheat before adding the seafood)
  3. Add the fish and seafood and simmer for about 5 minutes until just done (Don't over cook!). Stir in the parsley and basil and serve immediately ( with that crusty bread!!)
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184 Reviews

Anna F. December 1, 2018
This looks beautiful! Found this recipe while searching for something to make with homemade seafood stock. Can't wait to try it. One question-- would it be sacrilege to finish it with a little pan seared andouille? Only because I have it to use up too :p
Author Comment
inpatskitchen December 1, 2018
Oh Anna I'm so glad you found this. Not sure about the andouille. The stew might be a little too delicate but if you think it will work, I certainly have no objection. Thanks!
smccassell October 8, 2018
Taught my non-cook husband how to make this tonight. Yum. We will make it a few more times before he can make it on his own. I give him a glass of wine and a kiss for effort!
Author Comment
inpatskitchen October 8, 2018
YAY! So glad you liked it and sooo impressed that your husband wants to make it too!
Jason October 23, 2018
A few more times? He's really milking you on's a simple recipe......just print it out and let him go to town.
Amelia September 15, 2018
Simple, quick, and absolutely delicious! Already make this dish often in my house.
Author Comment
inpatskitchen September 16, 2018
Thanks so much Amelia!
Kim K. August 24, 2018
Thank you for this wonderful recipe, Pat! I made it a couple of nights ago using 6 oz. of my own slow-roasted tomatoes. My husband and I just loved it! The broth was rich and flavorful enough (after the addition of some salt and pepper), but the cod and scallops remained decidedly bland. They were better the next day, as often happens with a good soup or stew!

It was such an easy dish that I'd love to make it again. Any suggestions for upping the flavor factor when serving right away?
Author Comment
inpatskitchen August 24, 2018
So happy you enjoyed this Kim..thanks! I don't have a sub for the scallops but maybe a more assertive fish like snapper or grouper would help. Also I've been known to add a pinch of saffron to the broth now and then.
Kim K. August 24, 2018
Thank you, Pat! I adore scallops, so I wouldn't want to replace those. Great idea, though, to use snapper. And I'll try saffron too. Really, it was so yummy. Looking forward to a "next time."
Joeyman9 May 12, 2018
Made this last weekend, according to recipe, with one addition. Added a can of fire roasted dice tomatoes along with the Plum tomatoes. Figured the Jersey tomatoes are a long way from being in season. So delicious, easy peezey to make and such pure flavor. So good, wife asked for another round for Mother’s Day
Author Comment
inpatskitchen May 12, 2018
So glad you enjoyed and yes I substitute canned Marzano tomatoes in the off season also. My dad would have loved that you are making it for Mother's Day!
grkmama January 2, 2018
I made this for New Year's Eve. It really is surprisingly delicious! The best part is that is so easy to make! I made it as written, not wanting to play around with it the first time, but it seems easily adaptable to anything. I would serve it with pasta the next time because it really does make a lot of liquid for not being a soup. Perfect for company and easily doubles. It's a keeper!
Author Comment
inpatskitchen January 2, 2018
I'm so happy you enjoyed this! And yes, we've served it over pasta also. Feel free to use good canned San Marzano tomatoes when fresh aren't at their best.
ziba March 16, 2018
when you add noodle does is become like a soupy pasta (like chicken noodle). I was thinking of adding cream and some noodles to this recipe... cant wait to try!
Author Comment
inpatskitchen March 16, 2018
Hi ziba! Yes ..adding noodles is a great idea! Not sure about the cream but it sure can't hurt to try! I hope you enjoy..
Tigi April 24, 2017
Excellent. Simple, flavorful. Will add some pasta when I serve the left overs. Easy meal to serve for company.
Author Comment
inpatskitchen April 24, 2017
Thanks so much Tigi!!
Eva V. January 17, 2017
Tried this last night and I can see why its "Dad's favorite". As the person doing the cooking its moved to my Top Recipes. Elegant, versatile and full of flavour but easy and quick to prepare, what's not to like!?
Thank you for sharing!
Author Comment
inpatskitchen January 17, 2017
Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed Eva. Thank you!!!
Charlotte S. October 23, 2016
This was fantastic! I added a dry red wine and used cilantro instead of parsley. So simple and delicious!
Author Comment
inpatskitchen October 24, 2016
Thanks Charlotte! So happy you enjoyed!
Lisa August 5, 2016
I'm a bit confused on the low liquid amount (1 1/2 cups in all, not counting oil); this doesn't seem like much when divided 4, or even 6, ways. Has anyone added more stock? Thank you.
Author Comment
inpatskitchen August 6, 2016
Hi Lisa! The seafood will give off much more liquid when cooked, however I have often added more tomatoes and/or stock in the past. Remember, it's a stew, not a soup....
Manhattan T. February 20, 2016
What a fabulous recipe and a great springboard from which to start! The modifications made were minimal and mostly just because of the flavor profile I like with seafood. I used much less oil (about 3 Tbs) and sweated minced garlic with a few finely diced, leafy stalks of celery & half an onion; next time I'll add a bit of leek, too. Added some mussels & saffron as well. I used New Zealand Ling, a sustainable, firm-fleshed white fish, with tasty results. Can't stop talking about how terrific it was w/ crusty bread & big salad. And so pretty, too!
Author Comment
inpatskitchen February 20, 2016
Thanks so much Manhattan Tart! Love your modifications..
Juliebell January 4, 2016
We stay in on New Year's Eve so I try to fix something special for dinner. This was wonderful. So quick and easy and so delicious. I subbed the fresh tomato with a can of fire roasted tomatoes which made perfect sauce. Thanks Pat for another great recipe!
Author Comment
inpatskitchen January 4, 2016
Thank YOU Juliebell! I think canned tomatoes are a must during the winter months (I usually use San Marzano). I'm so happy you celebrated the New Year with my dad's stew.. he would have been pleased as punch!
Bob November 25, 2015
Not only dad's favorite seafood stew. It is mine as well. And it also looks great.
Author Comment
inpatskitchen November 25, 2015
Thank you Bob! We just love it! My Dad would have been tickled pink to hear this. Happy Thanksgiving!
John November 14, 2015
You made beautiful recipes. And most of all easy to make.
Author Comment
inpatskitchen November 14, 2015
Thanks so much John!
mcdenver November 3, 2015
Hi! We love your recipes. If I need a substitute for the wine, what do you recommend? I saw one comment on veg broth? More clam juice? Something else? Thanks so much - hoping to stay true as possible to your recipe.
Author Comment
inpatskitchen November 3, 2015
Thanks so much mcdenver! I'd sub clam juice or chicken broth if you can't use the wine.
Erika M. October 12, 2015
Nice and simple! I only added some salt and extra garlic to taste. I will definitely make this again, and plan to try this broth with mussels and some squid ink pasta next week.
Author Comment
inpatskitchen October 12, 2015
Oh yes! Extra Garlic!!! Thanks so much!
Kate L. August 25, 2015
Absolute hit in our household...lovely, and simple!
Author Comment
inpatskitchen August 25, 2015
Thanks Kate! It's a hit here also!
Dolores D. July 5, 2015
I like hot and spicy. So I added a handful of crushed red pepper flakes and three shots of Tabasco and this recipe was to die for. I usually wind up throwing away uneaten food. I barely had to wash the bowl from this stew, it was bowl licking great.
Author Comment
inpatskitchen July 5, 2015
So happy you enjoyed and "spicing" it up sounds great! Thanks!
Cara June 18, 2015
Made this for dinner this evening and (oh my gosh) it was delicious. I didn't have any wine so I substituted it with vegetable stock (I know they're not close in flavour but it was the best I could do), and I'm think it's now my Dad's favourite fish stew now as well.
Author Comment
inpatskitchen June 18, 2015
So happy you enjoyed! Thanks so much!!
CorrynandAllison B. June 18, 2015
Made this last night it was delisioso !! I added fresh mushrooms after sauting the garlic!!
Author Comment
inpatskitchen June 18, 2015
So happy you enjoyed! Thanks!