One-Pot Kale and Quinoa Pilaf

January 1, 2010

Test Kitchen-Approved

Author Notes: I initially developed this combination by combining sauteed kale with leftover quinoa, but have come up with a from-scratch method to cook both elements together perfectly. It satisfies the eternal resolution to eat healthy, teaming complete-protein quinoa with antioxidant-rich kale. And it's one-pot easy, making it a simple way to incorporate healthy eating into a worknight rotation.deensiebat

Food52 Review: Deensiebat's pilaf breathes new life into a familiar classic. Both the quinoa and the hearty strips of lacinato kale (you can use chard or standard kale) crunch lightly between your teeth, and Meyer lemon juice and zest keep the quinoa from being bland. Fresh goat cheese and walnut oil just barely coat the warm pilaf, giving it a creamy, tangy finish, and toasted pine nuts lend some crunch. We love the technique of layering the quinoa and the kale and cooking it all in one pot. - A&MThe Editors

Serves: 2-4
Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 30 min


  • 2 cups salted water
  • 1 cup quinoa
  • 1 bunch lacinato kale, washed and chopped into 1" lengths
  • 1 meyer lemon, zested and juiced
  • 2 scallions, minced
  • 1 tablespoon toasted walnut oil
  • 3 tablespoons toasted pine nuts
  • 1/4 cup crumbled goat cheese
  • salt and pepper
In This Recipe


  1. Bring the water to a boil in a covered pot. Add the quinoa, cover, and lower the heat until it is just enough to maintain a simmer. Let simmer for 10 minutes, then top with the kale and re-cover. Simmer another 5 minutes, then turn off the heat and allow to steam for 5 more minutes.
  2. While the quinoa is cooking, take a large serving bowl and combine half of the lemon juice (reserving the other half), all of the lemon zest, scallions, walnut oil (you can substitute olive oil if you desire), pine nuts, and goat cheese.
  3. Check the quinoa and kale when the cooking time has completed—the water should have absorbed, and the quinoa will be tender but firm, and the kale tender and bright green. If the quinoa still has a hard white center, you can steam a bit longer (adding more water if needed). When the quinoa and kale are done, fluff the pilaf, and tip it into the waiting bowl with the remaining ingredients. As the hot quinoa hits the scallions and lemon it should smell lovely. Toss to combine, seasoning with salt and pepper, and the remaining lemon juice if needed.

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431 Reviews

amy P. August 9, 2018
Wished for more flavor...or maybe it was just the sub of curly kale, or putting the goat cheese into hot quinoa?
Julie C. July 27, 2018
Love this recipe. I use a regular lemon & onion, toasted slivered almonds, gruyere for the cheese and extra virgin olive oil it's so delicious.
Katie B. June 8, 2018
Made it with parmesan cheese and walnuts, added some fresh parsley and red chili flakes. I could eat the entire bowl in one sitting!
Sherri S. May 24, 2018
Thank you, another healthy and great way to use Kale. I don't always have quinoa, so used mixed grains, and substituted feta and added chick peas.
KakiSue May 3, 2018
This was easy and delicious- I’m eating the leftovers cold for lunch 🍴 and it has such a beautifully tangy flavor. Yum! Thx!
erin April 10, 2018
Being no great fans of either kale or quinoa, I was surprised by how much we enjoyed this. The approach is quick, easy and endlessly adaptable: I sautéed some onion, red bell peppper, cherry tomatoes and garlic before adding the quinoa, and stirred in fresh parsley, mint and black olives at the end.
tota January 10, 2018
this is the best recipe! Made it yet again 2 nights ago, with feta rather than goat cheese, and it reminded me of how healthy, easy and yummy this is. A definite winner in our household!
Tyler E. January 10, 2018
Regarding the substitution notes... hard to imagine that just 8 years ago one would not be able to find lacinato kale at any supermarket
Thuc N. January 9, 2018
WOW! Simple yet delicious! I didn’t have goat cheese and pine nuts on hands so I used Feta crumble cheese and it was good!
Sandra B. January 8, 2018
I just made this, doubling the recipe but otherwise as written. Delicious! Could add even more kale. Thank you!
Mary December 28, 2017
Wow! Just looking at the pictures and realized that I’ve been juicing lemons backwards for years....! Or have I been...? How do others who use the yellow lemon press juicer to squeeze their lemons? I thought you inverted them, flesh towards the straining end - no seeds and better force by enlisting the pressure from the peel.
ellen December 30, 2017
I'd always done it the way you describe until a few months ago when I saw an article about cutting a tiny bit off both ends of the lemon to expose the flesh (*easiest to do this step before cutting it in half) & then placing the lemon half in the juicer like their photo suggests. It definitely yields the most juice!
Gabrielle April 2, 2018
I do it both ways to get out as much juice as possible!
K. A. December 20, 2017
I went to make this recipe last night but realised that I only had a bag of Quinoa and brown rice and a bunch of beet greens.Well it turned out delicious. It took a bit longed to cook but the result was a very substantial meal. I also used beet greens with the stems removed. The goat's cheese melted through the rice was wonderful. <br />
Regine December 1, 2017
Wow. I have such a bad memory. It looks like I did try this recipe some time ago and I liked it. I can't believe I did not remember. I am going to make it again.
Regine December 1, 2017
Hmmm..I have to confess this dish does not look appealing to me. But after seeing all these great comments, particularly JK, I am going to give this dish a try. However, since I really dislike goat cheese, I will replace it with either feta, or a milder cheese like Queso Fresco. Looking forward to making it and hoping it really transforms, like JK, my diet. Thanks.
Kim W. December 1, 2017
I agree with JK, this recipe is so adaptable! You’ll love it, and it’s so easy that it will fit into your rotation of go-to meals :)
JK December 1, 2017
This recipe completely changed the way I eat. I've made it probably 100 times, but more than that it inspired me to start cooking for myself at home, completely transforming my diet and my bank account. I long since memorized the recipe but dug it up to say a huge thank you!
JK December 1, 2017
Forgot to add - it's endlessly adaptable. Any steamed grain + any green + any vinegar/oil combination.
karen September 12, 2017
I have to laugh at myself and others who comment that the recipe wasn't so great but then report that they changed out most of the ingredients. ;)<br />
Kim W. August 29, 2017
Just made this, so good, quick and easy! Add a poached egg, too good! Looking forward to playing around with all the tasty possibilities!
erin August 27, 2017
I really enjoyed this, I think next time I'll use Feta
Darci L. August 14, 2017
This was...fine. I used tricolor quinoa and it remained a little too watery and heavy for me. The dish wasn't bad but I just didn't think it was anything special or mindblowing. <br /><br />I don't eat goat cheese so used fresh mozz, sicilian orange olive oil, and toasted cashews for pine nuts.
jskonnelly January 14, 2017
This made a perfect dinner on a night when I was too lazy to brave the cold to go grocery shopping or spend money on takeout. I had to substitute a few items (half the lemon zest, feta instead of goat cheese, regular kale, sautéed leek for the scallion) to make it work with what I had but it was still delish and took 30 minutes from start to finish. The toasted pine nuts were a great addition. I'll be adding this to our weekly rotation.
Lisa January 11, 2017
I first made this years ago and revisited today. I forgot how easy and delicious this is. I used olive oil and toasted sliced almonds cause it's what I had on hand , great flavor+healthy!
Taylor S. December 5, 2016
This literally comes together in 20 mins and is great for lunch the next day! I used tricolor quinoa, a regular lemon in place of the meyer, olive oil instead of walnut oil, and walnuts because i was out of pine nuts. Aaand i probably used way more goat cheese than 1/4 cup! Loved the cooking method on this one.
DjeenDjeen October 20, 2016
This is a weekly treat for us! Today I used collard greens instead of kale. Still awesome! I don't even use the cheese and substitute roasted pepitas in place of pine nuts. Thank you!
Mariana G. September 18, 2016
Its amazing but last week I made very similar dish. I was in a rush and needed to fix dinner for the family. So I gathered all the left overs and tadaaaaa, wonderful. The lemon truly gives it a special touch.
Jessie July 30, 2016
Amazing. Though i didn't have all the ingredients so I used walnuts instead of pine nuts and Wensleydale Cheese with Cranberries. Delicious.
Lindsay July 26, 2016
After cooking and tasting this, the odds of my eating the entire huge bowl by myself in one sitting are just... astronomical.
Megan July 25, 2016
Wow. I can't count the number of times I put this on my meal plan for the week over the past 5 years (!) only to abandon it thinking it just sounded too virtuous to possibly be that good. Faced with a surplus of kale from the garden, I finally tried it tonight and feel like a fool for skipping it so many times! It hits all the right notes for a weeknight meal- easy, fast, relatively cheap, vegetarian complete protein, one pot, and so tasty! Used regular lemon and it was great. It's no wonder this has over 400 comments!
Cuk July 19, 2016
Excellent recipe! Making it again and again!
bottomupfood May 25, 2016
A great recipe. Easy, delicious, nutritious, fast.
tota February 8, 2016
Oh good, couldn't see how anyone might muck this dish up ?
catdaddysammy February 8, 2016
tota, I am not kidding! I'm not sure if you're hip to new slang, but "seriously bomb" is a good thing. A great thing in fact. :p<br />
tota February 4, 2016
catdaddysammy are you kidding? this is awesome and I've made it too many times to count. maybe you did something wrong here?
catdaddysammy February 4, 2016
this was seriously bomb.
KarenT January 5, 2016
Excellent. I sauteed the Kale because I wasn't sure how much a "bunch" would be and used feta instead of goat cheese. Loved it.
epicharis December 10, 2015
Why wasn't this entered in "Your Best Recipe To Eat In One Sitting With No Shame Whatsoever"? I haven't actually done it, but my boyfriend and I go through this stuff like the world is ending. What an amazing recipe. Thank you for sharing!
annie November 5, 2015
Run! Don't walk to make this recipe. It is the best kale recipe I've ever had and made and it is easy and filling.
Liz October 27, 2015
Made this last night. Really enjoyed it! Next time I will use bigger pot though as it was hard to fit all of the kale in. I feel like the other ingredient amounts (not quinoa & kale part) could be increased a bit. More scallions, pine nuts, cheese, lemon. I seemed to only get a few bites of those compared to the huge batch of quinoa. Either way super good and will make again!
Merry October 1, 2015
Delicious; made this last night (lots of leftovers to sample this evening) and like a number of others used feta rather than goat cheese. Not wild about pine nuts and replaced them with toasted slivered almonds. One more delicious way to use kale which we love.
krysten September 30, 2015
I made this, and absolutely loved it! I used a cranberry goat cheese and I added grilled chicken as well. <br />Delicious as a left over the next day too!
BrettyJax August 27, 2015
One of the most popular recipes I have seen on here and now I know why! Subbed feta and olive oil and it was so simple and perfect with salmon. Thank you!
Leslie August 3, 2015
This was really, really, REALLY good!! So easy and so little cleanup.
fanaledrinks July 27, 2015
The perfect healthy meal. :)
Bec June 24, 2015
Yummo - loving sautéed kale at the moment. I can't say I've tried walnut oil - sounds delish.<br /><br />
miriamnz April 11, 2015
Each of 4 serves 268 calories.
dillybug March 23, 2015
Great side dish! Added a little leftover Israeli couscous. Love the brightness of the lemon, the toasty crunchiness of the pine nuts and the goats cheese really pulled all the flavors together. Fantastic!
Rebecca C. July 15, 2015
I had leftover Quinoa and Orzo with which i did the same. Subbed Feta for Chèvre and grilled green pepper and the kale. When one knows one's flavor combinations, this dish seems hard to mess up.
Tara March 20, 2015
Loved it! I made it last night by the recipe and really enjoyed it. Even ate the leftovers cold for lunch today.
chimera March 14, 2015
Divine. I added feta but otherwise followed the recipe as written. Absolutely delicious and satisfying and so flavorful! On the table in 20 minutes from start to finish - can't beat that. This goes into the weekly rotation!
jlabbe March 12, 2015
This recipe has been in heavy rotation in my household for a while, and I love it! Just wanted to share a wintery, Christmas-y variation that worked well for a holiday potluck: substitute red quinoa, and chestnuts for the pine nuts -- delicious! Thank you, deensiebat :)
amykelinda February 26, 2015
I made this last night and it was so good! I made quinoa a few times before and never liked it, but this dish has changed my opinion of it. Such bright flavors with the lemon, and the kale and pine nuts make it much more hearty. I didn't add the goat cheese because I tend to not like cheese in these types of dishes and I'm still super pleased with it. And it's so quick to put together too!
fanaledrinks February 4, 2015
Excellent dish for any occasion.
Stephen M. January 28, 2015
I've made this dish about 5 times in the last 2 weeks and love it. I've been reading up on Kale and found out that it is very high in Oxylates and then when cooking it - it's important to throw out the water - for this reason I've steamed the kale on the side whilst the quinoa is cooking - it's also allowed me to time it a little better so they both cook perfectly. Found this link about problems with raw kale/kale cooking water
Glenn February 13, 2015
Great link! Thank you.
Sarah January 28, 2015
Delicious! I used feta instead of goats cheese which added some salt. Also walnuts instead of pine nuts. Lovely and nutty. Great dish!
ella11 January 14, 2015
Really liked this! Added sumac as someone suggested and used a regular lemon with no scallions. Great dish and seems great for lunch. it did seem a little bitter- perhaps I should've rinsed the quinoa more?
shortnsweet January 13, 2015
Just finished making this, and it's delicious. It was my first time cooking both quinoa and kale--I know, I know--but it came together as simply as the directions promised.<br /><br />I can't do dairy, so I switched it up a little--golden raisins plumped in a little hot water, instead of the cheese--and went with half a lemon. Light with the right hint of sweetness and crunch.
Stephen M. January 4, 2015
This was superb. I made it the first time with the juice of the whole lemon and it was little too much for me. Second time half the lemon and also added a tablespoon of Sumac and half a teaspoon of Aleppo Chilli. Will be making this a lot - thank you.
stephanieRD December 29, 2014
Made this last night for dinner as a main dish. I really liked it- very hearty with the quinoa and kale. Plus, I love the nutty flavor of the quinoa mixed in with the tender greens. I used a truffle chevre and it was divine.
Chef D. November 30, 2014
I love Quinoa....
Negar S. November 4, 2014
I've made this dish many times and it has always came out wonderfully. I made the dish using toasted pumpkin seeds instead of pine nuts and it was delicious!
Paula V. October 15, 2014
Delicious. Made it once with goat cheese and another time without. Both times the dish was great! <br />
Elizabeth L. September 20, 2014
i added tomatoes and grapes, and deleted the pine nuts and scallions; it was so good! i did the mixing all in the hot pot so the goat cheese got nice and melty! I love that this is such an easy base recipe that can be personalized a million ways.
Jes A. September 5, 2014
wow. that was surprisingly really tasty for so few ingredients! i didn't use the lemon zest, mainly because i missed that i needed a real lemon, i just used lemon juice from the bottle... dont judge me... i will make this again, so easy and so tasty.
Petite F. August 27, 2014
My friend made this and it was De-Lish!!
patw August 24, 2014
Thanks so much for this recipe, I make it all the time, everyone loves it. It's so simple to make and so fun to tweak. I've eaten it cold, but I usually don't have leftovers : )
chris July 19, 2014
I happened to have spinach languishing in the refrigerator, and some fresh beet greens, so, I made it immediately. Absolutely delicious, though it looked a bit sloppy after I tossed the warm quinoa with the goat cheese. My husband gave it a totally negative look, but finished up scraping the bowl for more. I'll double the recipe, next time, and save some to try with mango for a salad. New comfort food!
Wendy L. July 10, 2014
Has anyone eaten this salad cold? Im-a wanna take it on a road trip in a cooler. Yes?
emf224 July 10, 2014
All the time. I usually drizzle a little more lemon juice just before eating. I sometimes add chunks of mango as well.
Colleen M. July 10, 2014
I never have any leftover but I would guess that id would be good.
Colleen M. July 10, 2014
Mango! Yum!<br />
Wendy L. July 10, 2014
Thanks guys! <br />
deanna1001 July 10, 2014
Oh it for lunch.<br />
Clara July 10, 2014
Wow! So I doubled it for 5 adults as a main dish, and used some leftover red onion from the night before, which I took to the mandolin on the smallest setting, then chopped the onion some more (I never want a bite to be too much onion, and red onions can be this way). I had a bag of dark mixed greens in the fridge, so used that instead of kale. Also added red pepper flakes for a little heat. Boiled quinoa in chicken stock, and used regular lemons, and extra virgin olive oil. Every last bite disappeared! This is a healthier version of a risotto, and could vary in so many ways. Fantastic recipe, and a new favorite--thank you!
Demi M. February 8, 2015
Clara--tip for mellowing raw onion: soak chopped or sliced onions in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Really makes 'em behave. ;-)
Clara February 9, 2015
Aha! Thanks for that tip Demi!
Kiel M. July 6, 2014
Nice good job..I want also share my Philippines Food Recipes blog. this blog helps you how to prepare best filipino foods in easy way with no hassle. If you have suggestion or if want to know the recipe of specific filipino foods you want to prepare just let me know i will post it. I'm glad to help you. thank you.
Kim July 1, 2014
One of my guests cannot have dairy - would it be OK to leave out the cheese?<br />
Glenn February 13, 2015
Nutritional yeast can taste a bit like Parmesan.
Millie |. June 22, 2014
Love the look of this - perfect for summer!<br />
Peggy G. June 3, 2014
Was just wondering if anyone has tried preparing this in a rice cooker? We have one and my husband is forever experimenting with it. Sounds like it might work. Let me know. Thanks!
jampot May 2, 2014
I LOVE this dish! I used toasted walnuts instead of pine nuts and olive oil instead of walnut oil because that's what I had. I will definitely be making this a lot! NomNom
Erin.Quinn August 6, 2014
I did the same and added an extra tablespoon of walnuts. Very very good dish.
AlohaHoya April 23, 2014
Substitutions galore!!!! I had everything except couldn't find the Quinoa, so I used Sprouted Brown Rice and used chicken broth for water and added garlic. We LOVED it!!!
saga April 21, 2014
Can I use Spinach instead of Kale?
Colleen M. April 21, 2014
A sturdier green is best but I once used romaine when that was all I had. It worked.
Mel April 20, 2014
added some fresh coriander and sundried tomatoes to the bowl - amazing!
Matt R. April 15, 2014
I will be making this in a few days, great reading what people substituted, looks amazing.
marymary April 14, 2014
So happy to find this flavorful recipe today to help me use up several ingredients on hand for lunch. I roasted a couple garlic cloves with the pine nuts in sesame oil and added all ingredients in the same pot after the quinoa and kale were done. Threw in some leftover artichoke hearts. Subbed green onion for shallots (threw them in with the kale to simmer), sesame oil for walnut and fresh parmesan for goat cheese. Loved it! I will definitely top this with an egg for breakfast tomorrow. Many thanks!
Barbara April 13, 2014
I substituted dandelion greens and wild garlic for kale, and the dish turned out divine!
Marisa March 26, 2014
Made this for lunch today. Subbed feta for goat cheese, walnuts for pine nuts and added dried cranberries. So good!! Thanks
Gaia G. March 25, 2014
Kale is my favorite and I've been wanting to incorporate more quinoa into my diet. I eat Kale every day so i am in need of some new recipes. This sounds amazing. I'd even add a fried egg to the mix for a satisfying breakfast.
Kristy March 19, 2014
This was so easy and completely satisfying and delicious. My husband is not a vegetarian but I cook that way, and he was in heaven! I loved the lacinato, and added some red chile flakes for heat.
Rebecca C. March 27, 2014
We aren't vegetarian either but, also love this dish. Thought about some chili flakes, too. I snuck in some pancetta, last time. It added a nice salty, crunch.
Lex N. March 3, 2014
Just made this, absolutely amazing! Used regular kale (not lacinato) and didn't add any lemon zest. The flavors were still fantastic. Next time I'll cut the kale a bit smaller. Thank you for sharing!
Jim March 3, 2014
I am new to Quinoa. Would this be considerate a main dish or side. If side what would you suggest as a side? <br />Sounds very good, thank you.
Elena H. March 3, 2014
Is good! Didn't have goat cheese in the fridge so I substituted it with grated parmesan, worked very well :) Thanks for sharing!
Robert February 20, 2014
A very good dish; my first experiment from Food 52. Substituted pre-washed baby kale to save time. Added to the pot when quinoa was almost done. Flavors really came together at the end. Also, used olive oil, and no lemon zest. Worked fine. Thanks for the recipe.
Butterfield B. February 18, 2014
Loved this. We used red quinoa, which I find has even more flavor. This was part of our meatless Monday so we served it up with a huge green salad and a socca (chickpea pizza) with tomatoes, onions and parm mixed into the dough. My husband loved it but he's still complaining about no meat on Mondays. Perhaps I'll stop calling Mondays meatless and still stick with the plan.
Donna February 16, 2014
How do you roast walnut oil.
Rachel March 1, 2014
Hi Donna, toasted-, or roasted-walnut oil is oil that has been made from toasted or roasted walnuts, as opposed to walnut oil that is then roasted :-) You can buy it ready-made. Hope this helps.
Rebecca C. March 27, 2014
I threw in toasted sesame oil, instead. its easier to find and has intense flavor so I spilt it with olive oil. i think the oil's toastiness enhanced the pine nuts' nuttiness.
Stephanie January 30, 2014
I upped:<br />quinoa by a 1/2 cup<br />1/4 cup pine nuts<br />1 and half - 3.5oz goat cheese containers<br /><br />I also sauteed 2 packages of extra firm tofu in walnut oil with garlic powder and onion powder and then tossed that into the pilaf. <br /><br />Last I added Sriracha and tossed the concoction...DELISH!<br /><br />Thanks for the easy tasty recipe deensiebat!!!
Victoria P. January 27, 2014
This turned out great! I used coconut oil instead of walnut oil and also added a few cloves of garlic.
Diana A. January 12, 2014
I like to add cayenne and extra lemon to this recipe.
Elizabeth32 January 11, 2014
this was delicious! Used feta cheese and double the amount called for - a definite keeper recipe.
melbelgibson January 7, 2014
This is one of the most delicious things I've every eaten. It was so easy too! I didn't have goat cheese, so I subbed in a little feta which was perfect! YUM!<br />
Stumpstein December 20, 2013
Of all the places to find a great website, I found food52 in the December issue of Entrepreneur magazine. I love taking risks in the kitchen, and it looks like I have plenty of company here. This quinoa/kale recipe is perfectly simple and basic enough to add a personal twist.
deanna December 9, 2013
I used 1.5 cups water to cook the quinoa, and used half white and half brown quinoa and only put the kale in the last 5 minutes. Dressing of local olive oil, lots of lemon, toasted walnuts, feta, finely chopped red onion. Good recipe to tweak.
William H. December 6, 2013
Can this recipe be anymore fufu? I used Emoyan Saffron and Tyrolean Pine Nuts and my guests thought it was fabulous!
Hilary December 5, 2013
Just made good! Used olive oil and herbed goat cheese from Trader Joes. So easy too! Will definitely make again.
donna.g December 5, 2013
Why can't ypu toast your pine nuts in your pan first, remove them and then prep your dish?
Colleen M. November 22, 2013
Where does it say left-over quinoa? This is one pot. You can buy toasted pine nuts & you dump it all in a bowl. One pot!!
missmoon November 22, 2013
If both of you will read the author's notes you'll see that it originally started with left over quinoa but was altered to be made all from scratch.
Shije November 22, 2013
Quinoa, one pot. The rest of it, one pot. Toasted pine nuts, different pan. HOW do you call this a 1-pot recipe, when it starts with "left-over" Quinoa.
missmoon November 22, 2013
If both of you will read the author's notes you'll see that it originally started with left over quinoa but was altered to be made all from scratch.
Sylvie October 28, 2013
oh gooood! this recipe might be one of my all-time favorites. so easy to make and so delicious. put sunflower seeds instead of pine nuts. thank you!
Fancy A. October 23, 2013
This is so so easy, inexpensive, and healthy! Added a bit of red pepper flake and subbed in raw garlic for the scallions, since we didn't have any on hand. I love the idea of using a combination of different seeds/nuts and oils (like pumpkin) to dress the salad.
tota October 22, 2013
this is one of my favorite recipes, never disappointed and last night I tossed in seeds from a pomegranate, the crunch was great and proved a nice variation on the recipe. A great recipe, thank you deensiebat
Megala October 14, 2013
I made this last night and am already planning to make it again. I happened to have pumpkin seed oil on hand, and used that in lieu of walnut oil.
Ellen F. October 9, 2013
I'm going to make this with my non-dairy goat cheese recipe and I think it will be wonderful and vegan....
K. A. September 16, 2013
That's a great idea.
Amanda M. September 16, 2013
I have so much summer squash to get rid of, and was going to make a quinoa veggie bowl for dinner, but now I'm going to incorporate this as well! Quinoa/kale cooked together, combined with sauteed zucchini, squash sweet corn and lots of garlic. Tossed lightly with basil/mint pesto. Cooking the quinoa with the kale is definitely going to help me incorporate more greens, and I'm looking forward to experimenting!
DECarro44 September 12, 2013
I made this minus the pine nuts because I didn't have any on hand and it was fantastic. Super quick for a weeknight meal.
K. A. September 11, 2013
I like the idea of adding couscous. It would really make it into a meal.
Regine September 10, 2013
I did not have energy to buy and measure all the ingredients so letting this recipe being my inspiration, I microwaved a 16 oz bag of frozen kale and 1 bag of 8 oz frozen quinoa and 1 box instant couscous, all separately. Obviously, i was trying to use what i had on hand. I mixed it all and added a generous helping of extra virgin olive oil, diced garlic, shallots, and red pepper along with salt and smoked paprika. Boy, this was so good. Even my 9 year old loved it and asked to bring it to school for lunch. Sorry i did not follow the recipe but i can still say that It is thanks to you that i ever thought to prepare such combination of food. I would also have added some feta cheese or queso fresco, had i not been a bit too generous with the salt.
Colleen M. September 2, 2013
It's even good at room temp.
leslie September 2, 2013
can this be made in advance I want to bring it to my daughters for dinner <br />thursday nite holiday
Lady M. August 27, 2013
Fantastic way to add kale to my dish.. loved it.
sarah August 24, 2013
love the look of this, will try it soon :)
Wino1981 August 23, 2013
I have to make this.
K. A. August 15, 2013
This was a delicious dish. I used red onion instead of scallions and it looked and tasted great. I only used half the lemon juice.
Colleen M. August 12, 2013
I love that so many people have put their own touch on this recipe. One time all I had was romaine, no kale, It was good.
Marian B. August 12, 2013
Thumbs up! An Asian-influenced alternative that I like: sesame seeds, some ginger (powder or pickled or fresh), sriracha, sesame oil and rice vinegar.
john August 7, 2013
i too cut down on the lemon - used 1/4 of a large standard lemon - it was still pretty lemony <br /><br />we had no pine nuts or walnut oil so we used chopped walnuts and olive oil - was good, but i might try leaving out the lemon altogether next time and trying a different green instead of kale
Heyames August 4, 2013
Just terrific. Thanks for a great new time-saving technique and great way to combine two foods that are so food for you!
Jaxmccaff July 25, 2013
Loved this recipe and have already shared with friends. I used a regular lemon, garlic instead of scallions and olive oil instead of walnut oil and it was delicious. Definitely a new favorite.
kat July 22, 2013
can you freeze this?
Aly C. July 12, 2013
I used a regular lemon and thought it was perfect, HOWEVER, I subbed what I had on hand, so I used pepitas for pine nuts, olive oil for walnut oil (I have an allergy to nuts), and garlic for scallions, along with a regular lemon for a myer lemon. Even with these modifications the dish came out wonderful. It's cozy, and tangy, and would probably be good cold as well. I cant wait to eat the leftovers!
PB June 26, 2013
Are you people serious? There is way too much lemon juice in this recipe - way too overpowering. Making it with even half the lemon juice was too much, and I like lemon juice.
KristaFriday June 26, 2013
I guess it's a matter of personal preference and how you react to different flavors - I like lemon juice too, but I usually double the amount that's in this recipe because it doesn't taste lemony enough!
Peanut June 27, 2013
PB, did you use Meyer lemon or regular lemon? I found that I needed far less lemon juice if I used a regular lemon. Add the zest to taste at the end; I didn't need a full lemon's worth of zest.
Lemongrass&Lime December 5, 2013
I often double the lemon juice when I make this recipe! I find it brightens the dish though I expect acidity levels vary amongst lemons.
orangesodachris June 16, 2013
I used olive oil instead, cashews instead of pine nuts and some fresh grated Parmesan in place of the goat cheese and it was so good I actually had a dream about it that night. I grilled some chicken and this was gone before the chicken - and it was all people who don't like kale.
Chloe8 June 26, 2013
I like the idea of olive oil replacement!
juliunruly June 11, 2013
This is simple, satisfying, and extremely healthy! I wouldn't say it tastes so amazing that I'm still thinking about it the next day, but it's absolutely worth putting in the rotation for a healthful meal that I look forward to instead of dread.
adele93 June 9, 2013
cant wait to try this, though ill probably just use olive oil
MJ May 20, 2013
This was my first time making quinoa, it was tasty and easy. I will definitely make it again and again! I thought the recipe as is, was perfect.
phyllis May 1, 2013
I serve this dish as often as once a month. Sometimes as dinner in one pot and sometimes, as I will do tonight, as a side with some broiled fish or chicken. It's delicious and I'm not a huge kale lover.
Tashipluto April 30, 2013
I got home from work at 9pm last night and was confronted with the fact that I had to make a food contribution to a school fundraiser, to be brought to school in the morning! I was lucky enough to have kale, lemons, quinoa, pine nuts, and spring garlic on hand. Found a piece of hard sheep's milk cheese and used that instead of goat cheese. This took less than half an hour to prepare -- and I had to shoo my kids out of the kitchen to keep them from eating it all! Now they're begging me to make it for them -- thanks for an amazing dish!
Shelly R. April 29, 2013
Very nice! The lemon and cheese compliment the kale and nutty quinoa. I used pumpkin seeds as I was out of pine nuts, and also had pre-cooked quinoa so just had to do the kale. Definitely will become part of my regular side dishes.
Susan B. April 26, 2013
I have made this too many times to count. Just ate the leftovers of my latest pot for lunch today. Delicious!
carmen_a_l April 20, 2013
I made this for dinner last night with super-not-fancy-plain-old grocery store kale, lemons & olive oil. Yummilicious. Even the kids ate it. Thank you for a new recipe for the "everyone likes it" box!
Sarah H. April 15, 2013
This recipe is a great alternative to my normal pantry dinner go-to's. I served it with a side of roasted butternut squash, and the sweetness played off well with the peppery kale and creamy goats cheese. Plus, my partnter, who is a vehement naysayer of kale and quinoa, cleaned his plate!
Gessie February 21, 2013
Any suggestions to make this sans goat cheese without taking away any flavor? I'm vegan and hate most vegan cheeses...was thinking of adding garlic and chickpeas, thoughts? Thanks!
daisybrain February 21, 2013
Some Miso might add some depth of flavor and richness. I'd probably use a deeper one.
The J. February 21, 2013
Chopped up roasted red peppers might add the velvety, rich feel of the goat cheese. The butternut squash suggested below sounds great too! <br /><a></a>
rachel W. February 21, 2013
I'm in the transition to vegan land and find vegan cheese to be just disgusting. I used to make it w/feta, now I just make it sans cheese and add some extra scallions and toasted pine nuts. I don't miss it!
Amanda B. February 21, 2013
See below. There are a couple of posts re: making a vegan version and substitutions.
drbabs April 12, 2013
Gessie, I made this without cheese this week, and I added a few cloves of garlic that I had roasted in olive oil (I keep that in the refrigerator because I don't tolerate raw garlic well.). It was delicious, and I didn't need the cheese at all.
Melissa R. February 19, 2013
Delish! But then again, I love kale and goat cheese. I'd alter the first step though. Simmering the quinoa and kale for an extra 5 minutes after the quinoa was cooked nearly burnt our pot and cost us some quinoa.
missmoon February 18, 2013
Seems like this would work very well with cous cous also. I haven't read all the posts so don't know if anyone has tried that.
EmilyArgh February 17, 2013
This was very delicious, though I wish we'd had goat or feta cheese on hand (we subbed Parmesan). I'll try making this again with a different cheese!
rebecca22 February 16, 2013
made this for a dinner party tonight...mmmm. its SO good! added more lemon because I love the tartness against the creamy goat cheese. this is an easy crowd pleaser. was happy to try walnut oil too-very yummy.
ChefFace February 13, 2013
This made me ALMOST love quinoa, I still don't love it, but I liked it, I added some roasted butternut squash and walnuts in place of pine nuts. Thanks! I'm on my way to being a converted quinoa lover, I just know it!
Colleen M. February 13, 2013
Great. I bet the squash was really good.
ChefFace February 13, 2013
It was!! Creamy goodness with the little bites of goat cheese and tangy kale and lemon to offset it. :)
hmoronez February 6, 2013
Best recipe ever. It's amazing hot or cold.
emf224 February 14, 2013
Agreed; so versatile. I’ve omitted the pine nuts and goat cheese and added broth to make soup. I’ve also substituted toasted pumpkin seeds and added chunks of mango to make a nice cold side dish. (Adding white beans or chickpeas make it a meal for me.)
GeorgeaP February 6, 2013
This is a staple recipe in my weekend routine. It's so easy and satisfying!
rachel W. February 5, 2013
This is such a favorite of mine...especially because I always have everything on hand and just need to pick up kale. Check out my blog post on it here:<br /><br />
Deja S. February 4, 2013
i did not like this.
Susige February 1, 2013
I now make this with Toasted Sesame Oil instand of Walnut Oil and to me it tastes even better!
mayfrates May 22, 2013
Oh Susige! You're a lifesaver! I inadvertently added toasted sesame oil (I have friends coming over for dinner tonight and was making this ahead of time because I'm running short on time!) and was wondering if I should throw the whole thing out but decided to read the comments on the off chance someone mentioned the toasted sesame oil. Yay! I have high hopes it will still turn out just fine!
Susige May 22, 2013
Mayfrates - I think you'll really enjoy it! Next time, make it with Walnut Oil so you can compare them. I really prefer it with Toasted Sesame, even though both are very good. Enjoy!
Amanda B. February 1, 2013
I love this recipe! I am vegan, so I skip the goat cheese and I'm allergic to pine nuts, so I skip those, too. But it's still delicious! It cooks up great if you follow the instructions. Easy and quick to cook, and so hearty and healthy. Four stars!
The J. January 26, 2013
This is such an excellent recipe that I make frequently. Thank you for sharing it with all of us.<br /><br />
Colleen M. January 21, 2013
Thanks for the update.
JKMurphy January 21, 2013
There is a rebuttal to the NPR story that sheds some light.
GrandmaGG January 24, 2013
Thanks for posting this link, JKMurphy. It was a well written rebuttal and the blog interesting, too.
BocaCindi January 20, 2013
Thanks, Amreen on the update regarding Quinoa and the Peruvian farmers.
Colleen M. January 20, 2013
Wow! Just found it & have to find a substitute already. I'm sure there are other grains that would work.
Colleen M. January 20, 2013
This is so good. My first time cooking quinoa, loved it. I made kale chips with the extra kale. I did put the goat cheese in right before I served it so it kind of stayed together. Even my husband loved it!!
amreen January 18, 2013
I have been using and loving this recipe since it was posted three years ago! I recently read this article that is making me drop Quinoa and look for a substitute ... buying a product that the local communities (in this case the Peruvian farmers) can't even afford to buy (due to the increase in pricing because of consumers like us) is unconscionable to me .. any thoughts?!?1
daisybrain January 18, 2013
I just finished reading the same article. Arsenic in rice, our consumption of quinoa causing poverty in the country in which its grown. Everything's broken.
Andreakat January 18, 2013
I love faro. I think it would be a great substitute in this this dish. Even better actually since I don't care for quinoa. I think most any sturdy grain would work as well. Bulger would be a good one maybe.
goodskyogi January 18, 2013
try these fair trade brands of quinoa. and
amreen January 18, 2013
oh wow! thank so much for these links!
amreen January 18, 2013
I am definately gonna have to try faro, never used it before! Its great to know that we can eat good and do good at the same time! I love the fair trade quinoa idea!
PeteN January 19, 2013
@amreen: I wouldn't pay any attention to that article - it was dreadfully poorly informed, inaccurate and misleading. Out of many problems with it (read the comments section for an idea of the breadth of errors): 1) The author implies that vegetarians carry responsibility for environmental damage through soy production in the Brazilian Amazon. Almost all soy (>95%) produced in Brazilian Amazonia is for export for cattle feed. She discredits herself significantly with this claim. 2) She provides no evidence that the (apparent, but not referenced) increase in quinoa price is the cause of the (apparent, but not referenced) decrease in local consumption. It is equally likely that farmers who are earning more from quinoa sales are choosing to buy more 'western' foods - this is the trend globally, regardless of whether more traditional foods remain available.
thirschfeld January 20, 2013
fyi, more on the above story
FrancineL January 22, 2013
Very interesting! Thank you for the link thirschfeld. For the other links above, be aware of what you read; it is not always what it seems like<br />
Joyce T. January 13, 2013
I made this for my family and cooked the kale a little bit longer so it wasn't bitter at all. If it is bitter it could be because the kale isn't fresh. I used olive oil instead of the walnut oil. It was excellent. My teenage kids loved it, and so did the adults.
moonieq2 January 13, 2013
Made this tonight for a book release party. I used feta, since I don't like goat cheese, and used olive oil and a couple dashes of sesame oil. It was awesome!
Katrin S. January 4, 2013
made this last night... it was great! Had it for brunch today with a fried egg on top. also delicious!
millicent January 3, 2013
I have made this recipe twice in one week because it is so delicious, fresh and light on the palette. <br />The lemon zing is strong and may not be to everyone's taste so be mindful when seasoning with the extra juice. Also I definitely recommend using the best quality fetta as it's taste and creaminess is complimented with the lemon taste. When i made this for single serve for myself one evening, i had no fetta so I substituted yoghurt. Tasted a treat.<br />Will definitely make again and again, and so easy.<br />Thanks for sharing.
shozgirl December 27, 2012
Made recently, so simple and healthy. Definitely adds interest to what can be boring. Made enough that hubby took for lunch and froze a pint as well.
Denise B. December 26, 2012
Just to let you know that this dish made the list of the 25 mouthwatering dishes from different blogs in From Brazil To You...Cheers!
megken_ December 23, 2012
Ignore the nay sayers. This is a seriously delicious recipe that allows you to feel like you're indulging on something that's, in fact, healthy. I sub'd sunflower seeds and olive oil for the pinenuts and walnut oil.
KristaFriday December 7, 2012
The first time I made this dish, it was just "okay". I stirred the ingredients together, which made the quinoa mushy, almost like a tuna salad. Not great. But I had a craving for kale last night after a few days of very indulgent holiday-based eating, and I had quinoa in the pantry, so I tossed this together, and made SURE to very gently fold in all the ingredients. It was delicious!! Just want the doctor ordered. Love coming to a recipe with fresh eyes! I'll be bringing this recipe into my regular rotation.
shs November 28, 2012
This was just "okay" for me.
Laura A. November 27, 2012
Made this for dinner last night and could not be more pleased! I added a smidge more goat cheese just because we love it so much (oops! there goes the healthy aspect of the recipe). My husband was so excited to take what little leftovers we had to work for lunch today - I only hope that it lasts until lunchtime!
shusmitaz November 10, 2012
Can I use Spinach instead of Kale?
bluet November 10, 2012
The beauty of the kale is its substance. Chard works well, too. Spinach might if you cook it and squeeze out all moisture before adding to the quinoa towards the end rather than cookimg it on top of the quinoa.
Greengourmet November 6, 2012
I really loved this recipe! I let the Kale steam a bit longer, and used olive oil as I didn't have walnut on hand. It was an easy, healthy, and flavorful one pot meal that I will definitely make again.
Greengourmet November 6, 2012
I really loved this recipe! I let the Kale steam a bit longer, and used olive oil as I didn't have walnut on hand. It was an easy, healthy, and flavorful one pot meal that I will definitely make again.
Greengourmet November 6, 2012
I really loved this recipe! I let the Kale steam a bit longer, and used olive oil as I didn't have walnut on hand. It was an easy, healthy, and flavorful one pot meal that I will definitely make again.
Greengourmet November 6, 2012
I really loved this recipe! I let the Kale steam a bit longer, and used olive oil as I didn't have walnut on hand. It was an easy, healthy, and flavorful one pot meal that I will definitely make again.
moseler November 1, 2012
It was good but not overwhelmingly so. The last post was correct that the kale could be cooked longer to draw out the bitter. With the lemon zest, the bitter flavor was dominant. It overwhelmed the walnut oil. I would forsake the walnut oil and use a good olive oil to match the bitterness. Garlic might also give it more depth for the bitterness. The scallions also get lost.
potterhill October 30, 2012
I made this tonight. First time for quinoa and kale. I may be the only dissenting voice here ( only read 1year of comments) but we did not care for it. I think the kale may have been undercooked. It was somewhat bitter. Loved the rest of it though and may try it with something else, possibly baby spinach or beet greens in the spring.
potterhill October 30, 2012
I made this tonight. First time for quinoa and kale. I may be the only dissenting voice here ( only read 1year of comments) but we did not care for it. I think the kale may have been undercooked. It was somewhat bitter. Loved the rest of it though and may try it with something else, possibly baby spinach or beet greens in the spring.
potterhill October 30, 2012
I made this tonight. First time for quinoa and kale. I may be the only dissenting voice here ( only read 1year of comments) but we did not care for it. I think the kale may have been undercooked. It was somewhat bitter. Loved the rest of it though and may try it with something else, possibly baby spinach or beet greens in the spring.
potterhill October 30, 2012
I made this tonight. First time for quinoa and kale. I may be the only dissenting voice here ( only read 1year of comments) but we did not care for it. I think the kale may have been undercooked. It was somewhat bitter. Loved the rest of it though and may try it with something else, possibly baby spinach or beet greens in the spring.
Sarah W. October 21, 2012
I just tried this tonight for my family - and my 5-year-old LOVED it! Bless you, Deensiebat! Bless you and your wonder kale!
denise&food September 24, 2012
Tried it tonight and loved it. Used ricotta salata and almonds because that was what I had but I will try the goat cheese next time. So flavorful. Leftovers tomorrow!
bluet September 11, 2012
This has become a favorite that is easily adaptable to the ingredients on hand. Pretty much any green with substance works, any crumbly cheese works, and walnuts work well, too. This is good served room temp or warmer.
slitsky September 10, 2012
So delicious! Kale and quinoa are two of my favorite foods. I've never been happy with the quinoa I've made before (usually too wet) and this came out great. The goat cheese and pine nuts were a creamy and nutty addition. I subbed lemon infused olive oil and it tasted great. Thanks!
Lemongrass&Lime September 7, 2012
Delicious! The garden is full of lacinato kale at the moment and this turned out to be a fantastic way to enjoy it. Thanks for a wonderful recipe. Even without the goats cheese it's a winner.
GrandmaGG August 24, 2012
This is the first recipe I tried from this site (which is beautiful!) and we loved it. Minor subs due to what was on hand. No walnut oil, used a good lemon olive oil, and no goat cheese, so I used feta. It was even good the next day, cold.
darkleafygreens August 19, 2012
I'm late to the party, but this recipe rules. Wow.
darkleafygreens August 19, 2012
I'm late to the party, but this recipe rules. Wow.
darksideofthespoon August 1, 2012
I'm making this tonight, only with crumbled sausage because getting the hubby to eat anything remotely vegetarian is difficult. I'm breaking him in slowly though! It sounds like it'll be delicious.
kaitflower August 1, 2012
I make this EVERY week now! <br />I use feta, collards and kale ad regular lemon. It's the best!
Cena July 29, 2012
Made this for a BBQ with kale from my garden and a little mint (had made before by the recipe), and a regular lemon. The mint really added another dimension. Will do it that way again! (I think this is even better cold the next day.)
bluet July 18, 2012
Made this using preserved lemons and liquid and feta because I didn't have regular lemons or goat cheese. Didn't have pine nuts either. Delicious anyway, but I'm looking forward to making the precise recipe. Rinsing the quinoa before cooking is a must.
bluet July 18, 2012
Made this using preserved lemons and liquid and feta because I didn't have regular lemons or goat cheese. Didn't have pine nuts either. Delicious anyway, but I'm looking forward to making the precise recipe. Rinsing the quinoa before cooking is a must.
AGriener June 26, 2012
I was inspired to make this when I received kale in my most recent community supported agriculture food share. I also received garlic scapes which I used in place of the scallions. I didn't have any lemon so I used lime and I didn't have goat cheese or feta cheese so I used parmesan. I always cook my quinoa in broth so I did that as well and it turned out fantastic. Thanks for the inspiration; I plan to make this again and again. This week I might try it with rainbow chard and walnuts.
rachaelmr June 26, 2012
Thank you for this lovely recipe - it is now a staple in our house!
thedaley June 25, 2012
I just made this, only subbing olive oil for walnut oil. I also crumbled bacon into it in the end, and it was amazing!! I could eat this every night. I would've never thought of going with lemon, but it's so good!
Andreakat June 3, 2012
I'm going to make this but sustitute gaba rice or barley since quinoa is not my favorite. I will probably have to substitue feta for the goat cheese too. OK, so maybe I'm just using this recipe for inspiration with so many substitutions, but whatever works! Thanks so much for the inspiration.
Radster May 31, 2012
I just made this with goat feta instead and we subbed swiss chard (no kale avail) and it turned out damn good.
Adelucchi May 14, 2012
Thanks for a great recipe!! I used pine nuts and walnuts. Had feta cheese so I added that. Lime zest and lemon juice with hot chili oil. Garnished with avocado slices. Delicious! <br /> <br />Can't wait to try all the variations I see from others. Could take me the whole summer!! <br /> <br />Adelucchi
I have been on a kale obsession this entire week! Thanks for this beautiful option! How creative and tasty it looks!
I have been on a kale obsession this entire week! Thanks for this beautiful option! How creative and tasty it looks!
sisuliz April 26, 2012
Made this last night for dinner and I can't say how much I loved this dish. It was a hit with my 5 year old daughter as well. I made it exactly according to the recipe, with the exception of using red quinoa and did not use walnut oil, as I did not have it on hand. Will definitely make again!
bcstarke April 17, 2012
I substituted avocado for goat cheese and it was really good! I'm still curious to try the original recipe.
jennynoel69 April 11, 2012
This is amazing. I wouldn't change a thing (ok, I used regular kale, as I don't know what lacinato kale is!) and I thought that I had walnut oil, but it was toasted almond oil, and I used chopped toasted pecans instead of pine nuts. BUT THATS ALL I CHANGED. And it WAS amazing. I can imagine how the original recipe would taste, and it would be just as awesome. Thanks for the great ideas!
culture_connoisseur April 8, 2012
Looking for healthy, filling recipes to take to work, and this is absolutely perfect! Making a pot today!
culture_connoisseur April 8, 2012
I will be adding tofu or grilled chicken for some protein!
culture_connoisseur April 8, 2012
Just made this.....didn't have walnut oil so I used 2 t. sesame oil and 2 t. olive oil. Toasted walnuts, and no cheese. A M A Z I N G <br />Thank you for this fabulous recipe!
Edera April 12, 2012
Technically you don't need to add any protein, since quinoa is between 7-22% protein. However, my hubby prefers the added taste and texture from the meat, too, so I end up adding a little bit for him.
LE B. April 12, 2012
edera, that is a huge range- 7-22%.What do you think that has to do with?
Edera April 13, 2012
from what i've read it depends on a couple of factors, but the key ones are method of saponin removal and variations in growing conditions
culture_connoisseur April 15, 2012
It does have protein, but when I eat it as a meal, I need more than the grain provides.
Sierra W. April 3, 2012
My friends had me over for dinner the other night and served this wonderful dish. Now, I feel duty-bound to share it with everyone I know. Thank you!! ;-)
Mianna March 31, 2012
Thank you so much for this recipe! It has been a staple for a few months, easy, adaptable and sooo good. It's been fun to play with, added garbanzos (as suggested) other veggies (asparagus, artichoke hearts, capers, olives, zucchini & on), changed cheeses and nuts. Always good. Great combo of flavors, kale is key.
Christa P. March 23, 2012
This is so delicious, the more you eat, the better it gets! Just made it for the first time last night, both hubby and I enjoyed it a great deal! <br /> <br />I used almonds and garlic instead of pine nuts and scallions because it is what I had in the house already and it was great! I am definitely going to try it with pine nuts next time though, I love their flavor.
BurgeoningBaker March 20, 2012
What is lacinato kale?
editrix March 19, 2012
Oh, this is heavenly! Thank you for what is sure to become a go-to recipe.
pschissel March 12, 2012
Kale needed a bit more cooking but the dish was yummy and so healthy. We are positively glowing with health!
agadamaam March 12, 2012
Yum! just made this for dinner. I've never had quinoa before so i wasn't sure what it would taste like. I was surprised, very good. Even my meat eating veggie hating hubby loved it. Thank you for sharing! Will def make again.
robinsrq March 2, 2012
this was fantastic!!!
robinsrq March 2, 2012
this was fantastic!!!
thehulk February 22, 2012
Delicious! Even my husband (who usually gives me the raised eyebrow when he realizes he's about to have a meatless dinner) loved it--and then ate the rest before I could!
Midnight M. February 8, 2012
This was amazing! We subbed broccoli (quickly roasted in a very hot oven), toasted pecans, olive oil, and a mix of clementine and lemon juice. I worried that all the substitutes would ruin the recipe, but it all worked out! A perfect mix of tastes and textures. Did I mention that it was SO easy?!
saucedisher February 6, 2012
i'm not a kale fan so used roasted broccoli instead. goat cheese, regular lemon zest/juice, toasted almonds. so so delicious. THANK YOU!
saucedisher February 6, 2012
i'm not a kale fan so used roasted broccoli instead. goat cheese, regular lemon zest/juice, toasted almonds. so so delicious. THANK YOU!
good F. February 5, 2012
Love this recipe! I've shared links to this on Facebook and Pinterest. This is a good go to weeknight main or side, reheats well. I've made it as written and with variations for what is on hand. Keeper.
spiderlegs February 4, 2012
this recipe was so amazing that i joined the website after making it!
spiderlegs February 4, 2012
this recipe was so amazing that i joined the website after making it!
spiderlegs February 4, 2012
this recipe was so amazing that i joined the website after making it!
Susige January 31, 2012
This was so, so tasty as well as simple and quick to make. I made it for lunch and have since gone back for "just one more spoonful" way too many times.
Elle W. January 28, 2012
Fantastic side dish. I used sautéed leeks instead of the green onions and also added a tsp of Trader Joe's 21 Salute Seasoning. The lemon juice and lemon zest is an absolute must. I removed the ribs from the thicker, larger kale leaves, but left it on with the younger leaves. This was a fast and easy recipe to put together...will definitely make this again and again.
Maddiescook January 27, 2012
This has become my go-to Sunday-night-dinner-then-lunch-for-three-days recipe. Last night I had the chance to make it for my sister and her 25-year-old son and it was a huge hit! I add a couple more scallions and the more Meyer lemon juice the better, but your dish is perfection as written!
rachelib January 27, 2012
I love making this. I didn't have quinoa or pine nuts in the house yesterday so I made it with bulgur and walnuts instead. Just as tasty as the original
Rory R. January 23, 2012
Without a doubt delicious, and simple to make too! I opted to leave off the cheese (vegan), and it stell left me wanting a second helping. Such a great recipe!
Gseghi January 12, 2012
This is so yummy it has become my go to side dish. However I dont like the ribs being left in the kale. I slice them off and its perfect.
teafanatic January 10, 2012
Delicious! What a great find. We had some collard greens from our CSA, and decided to give them a try in this recipe. Added a shallot and sautéed it then the quinoa and pine nuts before adding the liquid. We added the collards when we added the liquids- substituted 1/2 veggie broth and 1/2 water. Came out with well cooked collards and fluffy quinoa. Added the chèvre and Meyer lemon dressing. Wonderfully appealing whole grain dinner.
sincaa January 7, 2012
YUM!! Just made this - although substituted feta for the goat cheese and also added 1/2 cup chickpeas and a good amount of crushed red pepper flakes (I like the spice!!) - and it's absolutely delish! I have recently become a huge kale fan and am on the hunt for awesome kale recipes - this is definitely one of them!
Owlie January 2, 2012
Just made this for lunch and it was great! One of those great recipes where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Used half a lemon and half an orange to sub for the Meyer lemon, and didn't have scallions in the fridge so I sauteed a shallot before toasting the quinoa. I will definitely make this again - it's so fast and healthy (without tasting like health food, you know?) and of course, delicious.
BocaCindi December 30, 2011
I, of course, decided to double the recipe. If a tour bus breaks down anywhere near where I live, they will not go hungry. :) Made this this morning. Didn't have meyer lemon so used half lemon and half orange zest and juice. Think I'm going to add more lemon. The scrambled egg idea suggested by Emily sounds great. Used walnuts as I didn't have pine nuts. Added chick peas. It's adds texture and I like the additional taste combo. If anyone is hungry, please come over and bring a bowl. I may not enjoy this as much by day five. You think?
creamtea December 23, 2011
I've made this two or three times now (and two or three different ways, depending on what's on hand) and it's great. Also I just saw Amanda and Merrill demonstrate this at the book signing in Sur la Table in NYC! And I think they said they've been demoing it across the country. You are a famous cook!!
Parsonic80 December 15, 2011
This one is a serious KEEPER! So simple, healthy and bursting with flavor! I didn't have any pine nuts so I used toasted walnuts instead...I also didn't have scallions so I used some fresh garlic instead. It's so versatile, I can't wait to make it again (only YOUR way). Thanks!!!
Dabblings December 12, 2011
This is a great dish! I made it for my family last week and I just had to let you know how much we enjoyed it. Even my toddlers gobbled it down. Thanks for a great recipe!
ReinaDelAjo December 5, 2011
Easy, healthy, and tasty. What more could you want?
Alamobecky December 5, 2011
This is going to be another of my go-to meals. I used goat and Feta in separate helpings and think the Feta complements the lemon a wee bit better. Added garbanzo beans as well. I always have a stash of cooked from dried on hand to toss into salads, pasta dishes ... and now this! f
coastal C. November 8, 2011
it is a great dish, thank you. i too used diced onion instead of scallions, feta, and regular lemon but i also added diced carrots in to steam with everything as well. (it was the first time to use a food processor so it was diced nice and small.) i'm going to make it again right now with swiss chard and kale together!
aimeebama November 5, 2011
Have been making this for months-- it's amazing. Also works with bulgar instead of quinoa (lengthen cook time before adding kale by a few minutes) and feta cheese. Never had a guest that didn't ask for the recipe.
Spork November 4, 2011
This is amazing and delicious and I loved it! Not sure what anyone else thinks about it...since I'm not sure I want to share it yet :). Will definitely be making it again! Bring on the winter greens!
SavorLife October 30, 2011
I have made this 3 or 4 times now. This last time, I didn't have scallions, so I added minced onion when putting the kale in the pot. I also added roughly chopped crimini mushrooms and it turned out to be my favorite batch. Thanks for this very inspiring recipe! No wonder it is so popular.
fania October 24, 2011
Made this recipe with wild rice, my home grown curly kale and regular lemon. It came out amazing. thank you!
drkate October 12, 2011
This was delicious! Easy and fast. First time I've used a Meyer lemon and I can see what all the fuss is about. :) Thanks!
Kendra October 2, 2011
This is a fantastic kale, love quinoa, and always looking for new delicious ways to eat them. Even our two-year-old enjoyed it (quinoa "bubbles"). Thank you!
italy51 October 2, 2011
This was amazing. I'm embarrased to say this was the first time I'd ever eaten Kale. This is an incredible marriage of taste, texture with a nutty overtone. Even my veggie adverse 16 year old enjoyed it. I wasn't sure of your intent on the pine nuts and walnut oil, but I toasted them in a small fry pan together. The aroma was wonderful and it blended beautifully with the lemon.
Author Comment
deensiebat October 3, 2011
I happened to pick up pre-toasted pine nuts, but toasting them together is a tidy solution!
cookerT September 28, 2011
I make this recipe and serve it alongside Alice Waters' Ratatouille. It makes for a delicious dinner with the goat cheese bringing it all together. Plus it is a super-charged, nutrition bombshell of a meal. Really a great combo!
Author Comment
deensiebat October 3, 2011
I like the idea of kale being described as a bombshell...
LE B. March 18, 2012
brilliant combo.
cookerT September 28, 2011
I like to make this recipe and serve it alongside Alice Water's ratatouille. It makes a really good combination with the goat cheese enhancing everything. Plus it a super-energy, nutrition bombshell kind of a dinner.
briggysbrooklynbites September 22, 2011
This recipe is ridiculous! I LOVED it. I gobbled it up and almost helped myself to thirds! I made a few quinoa for white, cooked a red onion in olive oil prior to cooking grain, used regular lemon for zest and half of a lemon's juice, and toasted chopped brazil nuts in some butter to mix in. I think my proportions were off because my dish was mostly kale with some quinoa mixed in but it was really nice that way.
learnoff August 22, 2011
Made this recipe this past weekend and it was delicious! I used olive oil (didnt have the walnut oil on hand) and I used the juice of an enitre regular lemon (no meyer lemons available). Other than that i followed the directions. This was so easy and delicious. I might try adding some beans next time or jsut making a big salad and/or soup and you have an entire meal.
folkboy August 18, 2011
This was delicious...i subbed regular lemon for the meyer lemon, olive oil for the walnut oil, low-fat feta instead of goat cheese, fand used veggie broth instead of water... super tasty and will definitely be a go-to for me!
BreadandButter July 15, 2011
I just discovered this recipe last night and still can't get the flavors out of my mind! What a great base for multiple variations. I used coarse sea salt and fresh ground pepper to season it at the end and I really like the taste of the salt with the lemon (I used all the lemon juice). Thanks for sharing!
BreadandButter July 15, 2011
I just discovered this recipe last night and still can't get the flavors out of my mind! What a great base for multiple variations. I used coarse sea salt and fresh ground pepper to season it at the end and I really like the taste of the salt with the lemon (I used all the lemon juice). Thanks for sharing!
mcatherinep July 12, 2011
Wow -- let me just say this is DELICIOUS! And confirmed by a picky teenager who does not like greens, nor goat cheese. Plus, just to make things more difficult, I substituted collard greens for the kale. This recipe is golden, an absolute staple. The combination of the lemon juice, lemon zest, goat cheese and pine nuts were transformative. Toasting the pine nuts is painful, but important for the overall effect.
student E. June 21, 2011
this was wonderful! i literally just finished fluffing =) i'm planning to eat this for lunch, but think it would be a great side dish for grilled fish or chicken. i only used half the lemon juice and i think anymore would have been to sour for my taste. looking forward to trying this with swiss chard in the fall.
Brussels S. June 14, 2011
Just made this fantastic dish! I love how the kale is still nice and crunchy when it's finished cooking with the quinoa. I made a couple small variations to the dish. I used sesame oil instead of the walnut, and roasted 2 small chicken breasts and shredded them into the dish. So fantastic! Thanks for the inspiration!
aimeebama May 28, 2011
This was tremendous and beautiful. I ended up using a mix of kale and beet greens (which gave a pretty pink glow to the quinoa) plus feta and walnuts b/c that's what we had on hand. Will make this again and again. Served it as a side with a meat pie with dinner and as a main course for lunch.
Author Comment
deensiebat June 14, 2011
Nice variation!
dancerslikefood May 2, 2011
This was absolutely delicious! I added a bit more goat cheese (probably closer to 1/3 cup, just because I love goat cheese) and used red quinoa, which gave the whole dish a beautiful color. I think the lemon flavor is well-balanced by the goat cheese - not too tart. A fast recipe that is both tasty and healthy is a total win! Thank you for sharing!
mrs.diggs April 29, 2011
It was really great! Next time I'll use less lemon, though. It was a bit too tart for us!
Author Comment
deensiebat June 14, 2011
I realize I tend toward the sour end of things myself - you can always doctor it to your taste next time!
IthacaNancy April 25, 2011
Alas! My family was not converted. : ( I had fresh kale from the garden, homemade cheese, lemon confit, and all the rest . . . but not one convert. I'm looking forward to eating it for lunch tomorrow, but I'd really hoped the family would go for it. I struggle to find recipes that my vegetarian daughter and meat-and-potatoes husband will eat, and I try to stay within the confines of local, seasonal, and made from pantry ingredients. Theoretically this fit, but no raves from those I was feeding.
Author Comment
deensiebat April 28, 2011
Ah well. Sorry it didn't work for your family. But such is the beauty of this site that I'm sure you'll find a winner somewhere...
Midge April 24, 2011
Love love love this recipe. Thanks for dreaming it up deensiebat!
Author Comment
deensiebat April 28, 2011
Thanks for the triple love!
AnnP April 14, 2011
Wonderful recipe! My carnivorous husband and son were fighting for the last serving! I never thought I'd see them fight over such a healthy dish. Thanks for sharing!
Author Comment
deensiebat April 28, 2011
Yet another husband kale conversion!
Bonnie R. April 14, 2011
Wow. This is easily one of my favorite recipes. I'll be keeping this one in the regular cooking rotation!
YumMom April 10, 2011
This has become one of my staple recipes. Easy, healthy and DELICIOUS!!!!
lasvegasoleander April 2, 2011
I have made this dish twice in the past two weeks. I never liked kale before but I enjoy it in this dish. My husband, a much more adventurous eater, loves this dish as do I. I went on the Instructables site to learn how to manipulate the kale leaves so that they would be in 1" pieces. The first time I made this I cut each leaf of kale by hand which was very time-consuming. This time I cut the leaves off each stalk and stacked them up. Next I rolled them into cigar-like shapes and cut them into 1" pieces. Much easier.
Author Comment
deensiebat April 4, 2011
Good to hear this has helped convert you to kale's charms! I've also made a kale pizza that might hel you "re-meet" kale again in a new light:<br /><br />
carolcamille April 1, 2011
Absolutely delicious and much better than the recipe I made from the cook book plenty that I made yesterday.
Author Comment
deensiebat April 4, 2011
Thanks! Though now I want to know more about Plenty's recipe...
mhyoung66 March 29, 2011
I just made this dish and will make again, the meyer lemon really stands out! Fabulous!!!!!
emf224 March 28, 2011
Wow! I came across this recipe last week and had to try it asap. Didn't have any pine nuts or goat cheese but I did have some leftover kale salad (already dressed with lemon juice, olive oil, pumpkin seeds, diced mango and a bit of tofu for protein). <br /> <br />I knew it was a keeper when I didn't even bother with a bowl but ate it straight out of the pot. <br /> <br />I've already tried it again with dried cranberries and walnuts and have made note of the variations others have posted (feta...parma...sun dried tomatoes...). So many possibilities...
Author Comment
deensiebat April 4, 2011
Your kale salad sounds lovely in and of itself! I'm a sucker for any salad with pumpkin seeds.
edc March 24, 2011
thanks for the idea deensibat! here's my version:
Author Comment
deensiebat April 4, 2011
So pretty with the red quinoa!
VanessaLin March 22, 2011
This was delicious (kind of shockingly so) and is absolutely going to be one of our new go-to weeknight dinners. My husband even announced that I didn't make enough!
Author Comment
deensiebat April 4, 2011
I love it when kale is shockingly good!
LBurt March 20, 2011
I made this last week and absolutely loved it! The only thing I did differently was use feta instead of goat cheese because I may have forgotten to buy goat cheese when I was at the store...oops, but feta worked great!
dahliat March 17, 2011
I just made this tonight and it came out great. Didn't have walnut oil, but I did have truffle oil, so I used a truffle oil and olive oil mix - next time I would probably use all truffle oil because I could barely taste it, but otherwise, wouldn't change a thing. Delish.
Author Comment
deensiebat March 21, 2011
Oooh indulgent (and intriguing) variation...
Bluejade March 17, 2011
This turned our great! My husband and tween son love kale so I am always looking for new recipes. We liked that this had many interesting textures and didn't turn the kale really soft, but kept it firm enough. It tasted like something from possibly an upscale, healthy deli counter. I couldn't find just quinona in two stores, so I used the Seeds of Change quinona/rice mix (without the spices) and it turned out fine. Also used feta cheese, which is a kind of goat's cheese. Unfortunately, my husband had just thrown out some nice Meyer lemons, so I realized too late I had to use regular lemons. Next time, I am hiding the Meyer lemons from him and using them in this.
cookerT March 16, 2011
I made this tonight and it turned out really well. I followed the recipe exactly but added some slivered oil-packed sun-dried tomatoes to the mix for a little sweetness. I would definitely make this again. It was really good.
Dagir March 13, 2011
I'm a newcomer to Food52. I substituted hazelnut oil for the walnut oil, one minced shallot and a tbs. of minced chives for the scallions and only had red quinoa on hand. Loved it. What a positive introduction to Food52! Can't wait to get into my already extensive "My Recipe" file. I know I'm late in the feedback chatter on this recipe, but wanted to register my thanks to deensiebat.
Author Comment
deensiebat March 16, 2011
Glad to help initiate you into the Food52 family! And now I want hazelnut oil...
MZG March 8, 2011
I whipped this up in about 30 minutes last night after putting the kids to sleep. It was easy, healthful, and most important, delicious. Highly recommend!
Author Comment
deensiebat March 16, 2011
I'm happy to help the cause of healthy (and tasty!) midweek dining.
micook March 4, 2011
Made this last night and, sadly, there are no leftovers! My husband, who professes not to like kale, loved this. I used toasted walnuts and feta and an ready to make a second batch tonight. Excellent!
Author Comment
deensiebat March 4, 2011
This seems to be the magic husband-converting kale dish. I must isolate its secret...
deanna1001 March 4, 2011
Even though I read the comments and was expecting a good dish, this one surprised me and totally knocked my socks off! Incredibly delicious and husband scarfed (and he doesn't like kale - hehehe.) So few such fantastic effect. Like others, I subbed feta and used a mix of lemon/orange peel and juice. Also cooked the quinoa in stock. Will be making this one often. Thank you!
Author Comment
deensiebat March 4, 2011
Hooray! Another husband converted...
ashleymac1006 February 10, 2011
Super delicious and it makes you feel good about yourself!
mzlizzle February 2, 2011
I made this 2 days ago, and (after 4 meals) have just finished off the last of it! It's so simple, hearty and delicious (I subbed feta and walnuts, as some have mentioned below). <br />Thanks for a great recipe!
HeatherM February 1, 2011
I am eating this right now - used a couple of minor subs already mentioned below, but just wanted to say thank you! It's so delicious. All of the component parts meld so well.
Blissful B. January 29, 2011
Other than the fact that I tripped carrying the quinoa across my kitchen & sent it scattering everywhere, this dish was really easy to make. (What can I say? I'm a kitchen klutz!) I love one pot meals, though. Thanks for sharing this!
Author Comment
deensiebat January 30, 2011
Glad you liked it (and I too am a terribly klutz, in the kitchen and everywhere else).
fishesm January 27, 2011
My family loved this, too. I subbed olive oil, toasted sunflower seeds, and regular lemon, and finished with a splash of OJ. We are already posturing over tomorrow's leftovers. Please keep the kale recipes coming!
Author Comment
deensiebat January 30, 2011
Ooh, I'm going to remember that OJ trick next time I'm down a lemon.
Carol S. January 26, 2011
This was a huge hit with my family. When my husband was helping himself to seconds, my nine-year old asked him to leave some for her. Then, she ate another full helping! I'll be making this again soon. Thanks!<br /><br />carol
Author Comment
deensiebat January 27, 2011
I love stories of pre-teen kale eaters.
artsycella January 24, 2011
I made this last night and it was really wonderful--even had it cold for lunch today and wished I'd had more to gobble down. I only had regular lemon juice and walnut oil that didn't say anything about it being toasted (I'm not sure if that even makes a difference), but I thought it was incredibly delicious nonetheless. I'll definitely be making it again. Thanks so much for the wonderful recipe.
Author Comment
deensiebat January 27, 2011
Happy to help the cause of good dinners (and good leftovers). I don't think the lemons and oil matter too much -- as comments have shown, this one's pretty adaptable.
ForTheLoveOfFood January 18, 2011
My first time making kale and it turned out wonderful! I had to stop myself from eating the entire pot! Great recipe
Author Comment
deensiebat January 27, 2011
Even if you ate the whole thing, it would still be a healthy gluttony, right?
Hummusit January 17, 2011
Well... I only had red quinoa, didn't have scallions (used onion) didn't have Meyer lemons (used regular), didn't have pine nuts (used toasted sunflower seeds and walnuts), and had to use olive oil and feta.<br />But it STILL came out really good. Thanks!
Author Comment
deensiebat January 17, 2011
Hooray for adaptability!
mcs3000 January 7, 2011
Very excited to see this. Eating my weight in kale these days and looking for more recipes. Thanks!
Author Comment
deensiebat January 7, 2011
Glad to do my part to increase the cause of kale consumption! Any other good recipes you've come across? (I'm always looking myself.)
JustCrumbs January 4, 2011
I made this tonight! I substituted barley for Quinoa because my store was out and added butternut squash. So tastey and delicious!
Author Comment
deensiebat January 7, 2011
Nice winter variation!
rbnyc January 4, 2011
Made this last night with minor modifications to fit the ingredients on hand. Used shallots instead of scallions, feta instead of soft goat cheese and chopped almonds instead of pine nuts. Very nice recipe - company worthy I'd say. The meyer lemon really is the kicker. If I didn't have that I would have probably combined lemon and orange to get a somewhat similar flavor profile. The dish was ready well in advance of the remainder of dinner so I just left the quinoa and kale on the stove top covered until I was ready to serve and then added it into the remaining ingredients. That worked fine - kale was still nicely green but not crispy. All in, one of the better and more convenient recipes on this site. Thanks!
Author Comment
deensiebat January 4, 2011
So glad it worked out! And the orange + lemon = fake meyer lemon tip is excellent.
nancila November 11, 2010
We loved this tonight! Thanks!
Thistlepie November 10, 2010
This is a wonderful recipe! I have now made it three times in the past month! Yum! I Am a huge fan of quinoa and vowed to try to find some new kale recipes to convert me to a kale enthusiast. This one recipe did it. Thank you!
Author Comment
deensiebat November 11, 2010
Hurrah! I'm always happy to help expand kale's fan base.
Thistlepie January 1, 2011
Okay, I think I have now made this four times since my first time and it is an incredible favorite of mine. This actually is my favorite recipe from Food52 so far!
[email protected] August 6, 2010
I could eat kale every day. It's one of my favorite foods. My husband, however, od'd on it about two years ago:) So tonight, when I told him we were having kale and quinoa for supper, he groaned.... until he had a few bites of this! He even ADMITTED that he liked it - that it was REALLY good and he even ate too much!!!<br />I forgot to buy scallions so I substituted red onion and it was fine.<br />I will definitely put this on regular rotation!! THANK YOU!!!
Author Comment
deensiebat August 6, 2010
You're welcome! Glad to spread the wonders of kale to skeptical husbands everywhere.
rolando74 August 1, 2010
How big is a "bunch" of kale? I want to try this and I have what I suspect is a small bunch (it's 6 oz).
Author Comment
deensiebat August 6, 2010
Bunch is most definitely an imprecise measurement! But luckily this isn't a terribly fussy recipe -- I had a bunch a bit larger than that, but I suspect whatever you have will work.
rolando74 August 11, 2010
Actually, I thought the 6 oz. was perfect. You're probably getting bored with people telling you how good this is. I substituted feta for the goat cheese (hate goat cheese) and it was great. I'm sending it to my vegetarian sister right now.
gingerroot June 30, 2010
This is a perfect recipe. I love to eat and cook like this...especially in only one pot.
Author Comment
deensiebat August 6, 2010
So glad you like. We're a dishwasherless household, so one pot is always appreciated.
lacerise June 24, 2010
This is one of my new favorite recipes! It's destined to become a staple in my cooking repertoire. Healthy, bright and flavorful, easy, and picnic or dinner party worthy. The lemonyness from the juice and zest and the walnut oil's nuttiness are terrific!
Author Comment
deensiebat August 6, 2010
Excellent! Lemon + walnut oil is indeed a dreamy combination.
EarlyToBed June 8, 2010
I've now made this delicious recipe several times (with variations).<br />Variation 1: I use half white and half brown quinoa, and toast (until popping) before cooking<br />Variation 2: I increased kale:quinoa proportion in, and then used as the filling for a fritatta (or quiche). Six eggs plus a bit of cream, mix in the kale-quinoa, pour into an 8x8 dish or pie plate or pie crust, bake at 350 until set, and then serve & enjoy. Very tasty one-dish meal.<br />
Author Comment
deensiebat June 8, 2010
So glad it's warranted repeat performances! What does toasting the quinoa do? And the mix of a smooth custard + bouncy quinoa sounds intriguing....
annalea June 6, 2010
This recipe is AMAZING! I made it tonight and was blown away by how simple and flavorful it was. I was thinking of all sorts of ways to modify and add to it as well in future batches, but tonight it was perfect the way it was. A big hit at dinner with friends and a definite must to add into my regular rotation. Thanks for posting!
Author Comment
deensiebat June 8, 2010
Excellent! Let me know if you hit upon any good modifications.
lilyriver May 26, 2010
Loved this! I kept it vegan by using fermented almond cheese in place of the goat cheese, made using this recipe:<br /><br /><br />Purists might scoff, but I found it worked really well here...
enbe May 24, 2010
I love kale but have been getting it a little too often with my farm share to have it the same old way. I found this recipe and made this last night (with olive instead of walnut oil) and it was just fantastic. It was so flavorful and filling I can't wait to make it again!
Author Comment
deensiebat May 25, 2010
It's easy to get in ruts -- I've recently been all about the kale chips, but it might be time to come back to this pilaf...
monkeymom April 22, 2010
Loved this. Great combo of flavors and textures!
Super-delicious - it was easy to make and we loved every bite.
MissEliz March 12, 2010
I really enjoyed this recipe! Next time I will be sure to chop my kale in smaller pieces. Also, beware that the recipe makes more like 6-8 servings if it is a side dish.
Author Comment
deensiebat March 13, 2010
Glad you enjoyed! I hadn't thought about side dish servings -- I pretty much always eat this as a main dish. What did you pair it with?
devourthis March 4, 2010
Hi, I'm new to Food52 and just made this recipe tonight. It was so delicious I had to register to leave a comment. Thank you so much for a tasty, healthy, one-pot meal. What a relief to wash just one pot after a long day! I hadn't realized until now how nice it is. :)<br />A few adjustments based on what I had in the fridge: only had half a meyer lemon so added some lime juice and zest, feta instead of goat cheese, and since my bunch of kale was rather large, I saved a few leaves, dried them well, seasoned with olive oil, salt, and pepper and roasted at 400 degrees for 10 minutes - crispy kale chip topping! Soooo good.
Kristen M. March 4, 2010
I love crispy roasted kale! Michael Pollan is adamant that the kale be bone-dry but I'm not so particular when I make it. I think a little crispy, a little wilted is pretty fantastic. I have some leftover beet greens in the fridge from the Best Beets contest -- I think I'll see how they like a hot oven. Thanks for the tip!
Author Comment
deensiebat March 5, 2010
I just made kale chips for the first time last month, and wondered what took me so long. Nice way to fancy up this dish! I love seeing how everyone's variations can fit within this loose template. I've got to play around with it some more...
thirschfeld March 4, 2010
I am making this tonight, can't wait because it is two of my favorite foods
Author Comment
deensiebat March 5, 2010
Let me know how it goes!
MmeMoonpie February 23, 2010
I made this last week, and it was delicious. I took the leftovers for lunch the next day, and couldn't wait past 11am to eat it! This is a keeper.
Author Comment
deensiebat February 23, 2010
That's about as long as I can usually hold out! Glad you liked. I need to make it again soon...
becky S. February 22, 2010
I just made this for my family and it was delicious! Substituted half a shallot for the scallion and it worked really well. Thanks for the recipe!
Author Comment
deensiebat February 23, 2010
Our local co-op once had a sign up that said "Looking for that restaurant taste at home? Try shallots!" We laughed, but it's kind of true. I'll try that substitution sometime...
Culinista A. January 29, 2010
Excellent! I'm eating it as I'm typing, its delicious!
Emily January 27, 2010
*tasty leftovers/variations is what I meant.
Emily January 27, 2010
Speaking of ltasty eftovers/variations, I scrambled two eggs the next morning and threw some of it into the mix, then grated some fresh parmesean on top. It was a delicious and hearty breakfast! I basically ate it all weekend. :)
Author Comment
deensiebat February 23, 2010
Is there anything that isn't more delicious topped with an egg?
Peanut January 27, 2010
Made this for a second time the other night. Gave husband a spoonful, telling him it was kale and quinoa. He said he didn't like the taste of kale and declined a second bite. The next night, I heated up a bowl for myself, with grated Parmesan on top. Did not tell husband what I was eating. He took a bite, then took the bowl and ate more than half of it. Moral: you may not want to advertise how healthy this is!
Author Comment
deensiebat January 27, 2010
drbabs January 27, 2010
I made this tonight--it was wonderful. I can't wait to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow.
Author Comment
deensiebat January 27, 2010
So nice to see so many people making and enjoying this dish! And leftovers make for a great lunch.
daisybrain January 26, 2010
This dish was yummy and I really couldn't stop eating it. I did substitute feta cheese for the goat and toasted walnuts for the pine nuts and probably would again depending on what's in the larder.
Author Comment
deensiebat January 27, 2010
Sounds like a delicious variation! It's definitely more an adaptable template than a defined recipe.
Blissful B. January 1, 2011
Thanks for this variation. For some reason, pine nuts are really hard to find in my town. Walnuts sound like a delicious substitution. And deensiebat, thanks so much for this recipe. I'm always looking for new ways to incorporate both quinoa & kale into my diet!
Emily January 19, 2010
This was AMAZING. I will definitely make this at home for hubs.
Author Comment
deensiebat January 21, 2010
Thanks! I hope he enjoys it as well!
Peanut January 16, 2010
I didn't have a Meyer lemon, so I used regular one, macadamia nut oil instead of walnut oil, and Parmesan instead of goat's cheese. It was wonderful - but next time I'll add only half the lemon zest to start and add more to taste. I love the way this recipe keeps the kale bright and fresh, and the lightness of the flavors.
Author Comment
deensiebat January 21, 2010
Yeah, regular lemons (Eurekas, I think they're technically called) can be a bit stronger than the meyer. But glad to hear that, even with a bit too much citrus, it was still a nice light meal.
Maria T. January 16, 2010
Congratulations, it's an amazing recipe. Well deserved. Thank you for sharing the recipe.<br />
Author Comment
deensiebat January 21, 2010
Thanks! I'm flattered that, in light of all the amazing food in Italy, you're still taken with this little hippie recipe!
Maria T. January 21, 2010
Food in Italy and Portugal where I come from is wonderful. To me your Quinoa has nothing of hippie in it. I was a semi vegetarian for some time and I cooked quinoa with everything. The issue is that people don't seem to overcome the rice, pasta, potatoes on a normal diet and there are fantastic products like quinoa and bulghur to play around with. So again, congratulations - it's important to get the message that these other cereals are as good and can be delicious.
amreen January 14, 2010
as a bachlorette (sp?!?!) i thank you for creating such a simple, tasty and healthy meal! congrats!
Author Comment
deensiebat January 16, 2010
Thanks! It makes a great dinner for one (and the leftovers, as I can attest, make tasty lunches).
Annelle January 11, 2010
This is just absolutely DELICIOUS!! No way around it! Thank you, Deensiebat, for putting this recipe together. It just doesn't get any healthier, or easier, either.
Author Comment
deensiebat January 11, 2010
Oh that's wonderful to hear! It was great to have a prompt to come up with an easy and healthy weeknight meal (thus meeting a few of my resolutions), and even nicer to have this community to share it with!
CarynCooks January 10, 2010
Very tasty! Next time I will cut the kale into smaller lengths - they kept wrapping around the fork when I was mixing everything together.
Author Comment
deensiebat January 11, 2010
Ha! I didn't even consider the problem of rogue kale. But I'm glad you enjoyed.
JenC January 10, 2010
Looks fantastic, as soon as I can gather ingredients will create! About the soaking of quinoa, if there are still saponins on the grain and not rinsed well you may experience digestive issues as the soapy nature of saponins generate gas in the digestive tract.
holleya January 10, 2010
Wondering about the amount of salt... 2 c. "salted water" could be too salty. Might be a good idea to measure it vs. the usual generous shaking?
Author Comment
deensiebat January 10, 2010
Unfortunately I didn't measure -- still new at recipe transcription! I'd just salt it to taste, erring on the side of undersalting, since you can always add more salt during the final tasting.
cathyeats January 10, 2010
You should definitely rinse the quinoa, unless you have a no-rinse variety (it will say so on the box.) Otherwise you can get a bitter flavor which is not appealing.
kr2160 January 10, 2010
what would be a flavorful substitute for walnut oil?
Author Comment
deensiebat January 10, 2010
If you have any other toasted nut oils around, you can throw those in. But regular olive oil works fine too -- between the pine nuts, lemon zest, and cheese, there's plenty of flavor going on. I think walnut underscores the nuttiness of the quinoa, but it's totally not critical.
BonEllen January 8, 2010
I just finished making this and it is delicious - the combination of meyer lemon & goat cheese is amazing! I substituted 1 C chicken broth and 1 C water, and used walnuts (about 2/3 C) instead of pine nuts. Cooking method & timings were perfect.
AppleAnnie January 7, 2010
Do you rinse the quinoa in advance? Some cookbooks recommend it to remove a soapy flavor. Thank you for combining such healthy foods in a delicious recipe.
Author Comment
deensiebat January 7, 2010
I don't generally rinse quinoa -- it is naturally coated with the soapy-tasting saponin, but these days almost all commercial quinoa is rinsed well before being sold. I read that scientists developed a saponin-free strain of quinoa, but birds happily ate the entire crop before it could be harvested. Ha!
Merrill S. January 9, 2010
We didn't rinse our quinoa, and it tasted just fine -- and we used two different brands.
lastnightsdinner January 7, 2010
Love this. I'm always on the lookout for new ways to use winter produce that are a bit lighter and fresher tasting. Thanks!
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deensiebat January 8, 2010
Aw thanks -- I drool over the dishes on your blog all the time! And I totally hear you on the freshness. Wintertime heartiness is nice, but it can be a bit much. Sometimes lightly steamed veg + bouncy quinoa + a bit of tang is just what you need in winter.
healthierkitchen January 7, 2010
This sounds great! I have everything needed for this and will be trying it soon.
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deensiebat January 8, 2010
Excellent! Let me know how it turns out for you!
healthierkitchen January 11, 2010
Well I had almost everything - I ended up using a mild Israeli feta as I was out of goat cheese. It was delicious. Both my teens enjoyed the dish and even my husband, the reluctant healthier eater, liked it as well. I particularly liked how easy it was to cook the quinoa and kale all in one pot. Thanks!!
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deensiebat January 11, 2010
You're welcome! I tried a few variations in the recipe testing process, and actually pitted Israeli feta against goat cheese. I ended up going with goat, by my tasters were pretty split between the two. The one-pot cooking definitely makes things easier -- I also fussed with that during recipe testing, to see if I could just add the kale to the pot at the beginning. Answer: gray, overcooked kale. Ooops. Ah well, it's only a teensy bit fussier to add it later, and much nicer to have it green and crisp!