August 18, 2014

Author Notes: The water views are the main attraction.
Room with a view: The revamped UTS Haberfield Rowing Club has incredible water views. Photo: James Alcock


Megan Johnston

If you've got it, flaunt it, or so the saying goes, and in the case of the restaurant at the new UTS Haberfield Rowing Club, "it" is unmistakably the water views. From any angle, there's no missing the silver ripples of Iron Cove, dotted with gleaming yachts, sea birds and rowboats.

Unlike a conventional club, there's little to distract from the main attraction – no hyper-busy carpet, no infernal ka-ching of pokies and no televisions glaring from every angle.

It's just you and the view, framed by massive expanses of glass – or, if you nab a spot on the huge outdoor deck, nothing at all. website
Rony Biswas

Makes: 12



  1. I know things have been way silent on the blog front this year as I concentrated more on ya know, life behind-the-screen. I’ve decided that I needed to change things up before I got so bored I wanted to eat my face. With a bit of luck and help, I peeked my tootsies into the door and now I get to do a lot more of what I love the most; working with food and shooting it. It’s baby steps all the way and changing the routine is unnerving but I’ve never felt more invigorated or grounded. Here’s a small peek of what I’ve been up to this year. website

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