Tropical Fruit Salad with Coconut Turmeric Dressing

Author Notes: While basking in gorgeous light and thinking about Summer fun times, like 4th of July and beach days, all I could imagine eating was a fresh and vibrant tropical fruit salad that incorporates all the amazing fruits that flourish in Hawaii. And then this happened.GT's Living Foods

Serves: 6-12


Fruit Salad

  • 1.5 cups Watermelon
  • 1 Peach or Nectarine
  • 1 Orange
  • 1 Persimmon
  • 1 Kiwi
  • 1 cup Strawberries
  • 1 cup Blueberries
  • 1 Mango
  • 4-6 Mint Leaves chiffonade (cut into long thing strips) or minced
  • 1 Pitaya
  • 1-2 cups Pineapple (about 1/2 a pineapple)

Coconut Turmeric Dressing

  • 1/2 cup coconut yogurt, unsweetened
  • 1/2 cup Temple Turmeric Pineapple Elixir
  • 1 tablespoon Local, Raw Honey or any sweetener to taste (optional)
In This Recipe


  1. Dice up all your fruit into bite sized chunks, set aside.
  2. In a bowl mix the coconut yogurt, Pineapple Elixir and sweetener if you’d like it.
  3. Add the fruit to the Coconut Turmeric Dressing and toss to coat.
  4. Refrigerate covered until you’re ready to serve.

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