Suspiciously Delicious Cabbage

November 5, 2010

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Author Notes:

I cook a lot of cabbage during the winter months - there aren't too many other options for greens if you're trying hard to go with local produce! Most often I cook traditional recipes I learned from my mom, but you've got to switch it up sometimes. This was an experiment based very, very loosely off of a kale recipe I was intrigued by (though looking back at the kale recipe now, it's actually totally different, oh well). When we were eating it with dinner my husband exclaimed, "what did you put in this cabbage?! It's suspiciously delicious. Is it actually meat or something?" No meat involved though. The cream picks up the browned bits from browning the cabbage as though it were the base for a gravy. It also mellows out the spicy ginger so everything practically melts together. It makes a delicious cold weather side dish, and I bet it would also be lovely tossed with pasta. - fiveandspice


Food52 Review: With a recipe title like this one, expectations are bound to be high. Happily, this cabbage is both refined and undeniably delicious -- it's the kind of dish that inspires you to keep sneaking forkfuls long past the end of the meal. Fiveandspice has you caramelize the crisp cabbage strands in butter that's been infused with onion, garlic and the key ingredient, fresh ginger. When the cabbage is tender and flecked with tasty brown bits, you add some cream and simmer just long enough for the flavors to meld. -A&MThe Editors

Serves: 4-6
Prep time: 10 min
Cook time: 40 min


  • 1 medium green cabbage, cored and thinly sliced
  • 1 medium yellow onion, finely chopped
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1 tablespoon (heaping) grated fresh ginger
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 3/4 cup heavy cream
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste
In This Recipe


  1. In a very large pan, heat the butter over medium heat until it is melted and starting to bubble a little. Stir in the onion and garlic and cook for about 5 minutes, until softened.
  2. Stir in the ginger and cook for about a minute. Then, add in the cabbage, stirring well to coat it with the butter and other flavors. Cook, stirring occasionally for about 15-20 minutes, until the cabbage has softened and caramelized.
  3. Turn the heat to low and stir in the cream making sure to scrape any browned bits up from the pan bottom. Cover and cook over low for about 10 minutes. Uncover, add salt and pepper to taste. Then cook for a few more minutes, stirring once or twice, to let some of the liquid evaporate. Adjust seasonings as desired and serve.

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188 Reviews

Danna F. January 21, 2019
I made this on a Friday night with salmon. Then on Sunday I sauteed mushrooms and added broth to make into a cream of cabbage soup. Great tasting both times.<br />
allison October 30, 2018
Darling husband said " I don't really like cabbage, but I like that". Will defiantly make again!<br />
allison October 31, 2018
"I'd never thought I would have leftover cabbage for lunch" said my husband. Proof this recipe is a keeper.
Sarah P. August 31, 2018
We added a bit of Cajun seasoning, cinnamon and red pepper flakes but otherwise followed the recipe. Both my extremely cabbage-dubious boyfriend and I agreed this was excellentand that we will definitely be making this again - maybe even for guests at Thanksgiving!
a292 April 29, 2018
Made this tonight and it was amazing! Subbed the cream for full fat yogurt, added a heaping tablespoon of black pepper and about a teaspoon of garlic powder on top of the specified garlic, and served with a balsamic red wine reduction on ratatouille. The reduction complimented the ginger peppery flavor really well. Thanks!
watercupcake March 21, 2018
I love this recipe! Been making it for about 5 years now. I always make i around St. Patricks day when I have leftover corned beef to dice and add or when I have leftover ham. The spiced meats go so well with the seasoned cabbage. A big favorite in this household.
Fran M. March 13, 2017
I love this. The women I have shared this with love it, the men not so much. I don't understand. I think it's fabulous.
lisa March 8, 2017
Good. Far from "suspiciously delicious."
Idalu March 1, 2017
I love this dish but was wondering if it freezes well. Anyone out there has ever tried.
Ontariobnd February 15, 2017
I served this cabbage dish topped with the chicken from "Sheet Pan Roasted Chicken and Cabbage" and it was so insanely delicious together I want to make it for dinner again tomorrow night!!!
cookinalong February 1, 2017
I've commented before about this, but it deserves another. After nearly 3 yrs. of putting this on the table, the raves just keep on coming. Now with grandkids old enough for table food, the fan base grows by the year! I usually use coconut milk because I'm more likely to have it on hand than heavy cream, but both are out of this world! It's made a cabbage lover out of one of my DILs, and that was no mean feat! Kudos!
Elyse M. December 12, 2016
Just mde this with half cup whole yogurt in lieu of cream, and a squirt of Dijon. Delicious!
Mel October 30, 2016
I am of eastern European background and grew up on cabbage although it was primarily in the form of my father's homemade coleslaw of my mother's go-to cabbage rolls drenched in amazing sauerkraut. Stumbled across this recipe to make something a little unique for a fall-like cookout. Other than purchasing ginger in paste form and pre-shredded cabbage, all other ingredients and method of cooking was exactly as detailed. During the cooking phase, the smell was amazing and the taste of the end product exceeded my expectations. I was impressed at how simple the recipe was in terms of number of ingredients and timing. A wonderful recipe, very hearty and delicious. Thank you for sharing it.
tamater S. October 13, 2017
This caught my eye - Your "mother's go-to cabbage rolls drenched in amazing sauerkraut." Sounds really intriguing... have you shared it here yet?
Big P. October 18, 2017
elegy P. April 16, 2016
This is easily one of the most delicious things I've ever eaten. Thank you for this amazing recipe, can't wait to use it to trick my boyfriend into eating cabbage
candace April 1, 2016
Surprisingly hearty and delicious. I don't always love ginger outside of Asian fare, but it's so subtle. I didn't have cream so I subbed a couple tablespoons of greek yogurt. Yum!
candace December 12, 2016
Update: I have since tried this with cream and I MUCH prefer the yogurt route :) Just my two cents.<br />
Regine February 19, 2016
Wow. Definitely lickingly (if there is such a word) delicious. Only issue I had was that my cabbage was sweating too much to allow caramelization. Maybe I did not dry it enough after washing it. So I ended up draining all liquid, and added 2 additional tbsp butter. Cabbage finally caramelized. I will be eating it with Jasmine white rice.
Idalu October 30, 2015
Highly recommend this recipe. I have rediscovered cabbage. Prepare all the ingredients before starting and it'll be a breeze.
Rajani September 26, 2015
This was absolutely delicious! My whole family (including my husband, who was highly suspicious indeed) devoured it!
Stephanie March 29, 2015
why is this under vegan
Susan W. March 30, 2015
I see it tagged under vegetarian, not vegan.
Stef January 28, 2016
I also did a search for vegan dishes, and this dish came up. Why???
Bill T. December 28, 2016
It's here to trick you into eating dairy.
Ema P. March 17, 2015
"This cabbage is great" says my 11 year old, I agree!
AnneHD January 18, 2015
Thank you so much for this recipe. I LOVE it! It has become an essential part of my cabbage recipe repertoire (and recipe repertoire at large). I've made it at least 4-5 times so far <3
dagmaraelza January 14, 2015
I agree with b priest, surprisingly, my 15 year-old son declared this delicious. I increased the garlic and ginger a bit and used sour cream, because it felt right. Don't be shy with the black pepper. I thought of walnuts, too, but decided to keep it plain for the first go-around.
neighome December 6, 2014
This is quite tasty! It never occurred to me that cabbage would make fond. I used red cabbage and whole milk because it's what I had on hand. I used a large 14inch across 3.5inch deep saute pan, but was only able to fit about 2/3 of my "medium" head of cabbage. After reading some comments about adding anchovies for umami inspired me to use Indian black salt. It's stinky when initially added, but added a nice umami undertone. After a couple of bites I felt that it needed a bit of acid. A bit of lime zest and a bit of juice did the trick. I'll be making this again!
Denise November 14, 2014
Does this need to be served right away? I would like to make it to bring to Thanksgiving but am worried about keeping it warm/reheating it?
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 14, 2014
It reheats really nicely, so you can definitely make ahead.
maggiepcs November 10, 2014
Served this with egg noodles tonight along with a little smoked kielbasa on the side. Amazingly delicious comfort food!
Susan W. November 8, 2014
Made this today. OMG!! It's amazeballs. A definite plate licker. I usually follow recipes as written the first time, but the pancetta was yelling at me to include it in the recipe. Otherwise, I followed the recipe. It's absolutely delicious.
AntoniaJames January 14, 2015
Susan W, you know how to live. Seriously. ;o)
b P. August 12, 2014
This was so good it received exactly zero eye-rolls from the teenagers in my home! I added a generous handful of toasted walnuts and served with veggie pasta.
Jodi July 14, 2014
This was delicious! I used what I had on hand for this: green onion instead of yellow, and a bag of coleslaw I was looking to use up, and man, this was good. Also I'm vegan so I replaced the butter with Earth Balance and replaced the heavy cream with vegan sour cream thinned with almond milk. Came out so delicious!!!
Steffanie June 2, 2014
Thank you for changing my life. Seriously. I buy local, Paris is fairly north so we get lots of cabbage. This winter thanks to you we all enjoyed it. Now when I say I'm making some Surprisingly OK, the kids are happy about it. Why the name change ? My Sherlock fan daughter renamed it to refer to the middle episode in the latest season :) Again, thank you !
Double H. May 2, 2014
So good!
Alice G. April 14, 2014
Mmmm. This was so good. I used half and half with no ill effects. My go-to cabbage recipe has gotten a little stale to me as of late. I'll have to make this again!
Sam March 22, 2014
Incredibly simple and delicious! I didn't have any cream so I used 2% milk instead and it worked fine. I'll be bringing this recipe out again next year during the holidays!
LaToya February 23, 2014
I loved this recipe and so did my kids!! Didn't and that much cream(only a dap) and one slice of butter added a little water to replace it and a spoon full of sugar loved the ginger in it we have rediscovered cabbage thanks :)
suepig October 14, 2013
I have used a recipe very similar to this that appeared in the NYT many, many years ago. Only it was with brussel sprouts that you sliced thinly. It has become a Thanksgiving staple in our family
Author Comment
fiveandspice October 16, 2013
Oh I am so trying this with brussels sprouts. Yum!
Hilary G. August 9, 2013
I lacked cream in my fridge when I set out to make this, but even so the recipe was wonderfully comforting and tasty. Thanks, butter. The smell of it cooking was also divine.
Author Comment
fiveandspice August 9, 2013
em-i-lis June 18, 2013
Em, thinking of doing this with shallots (out of onions; what?) and serving atop whole wheat pasta. Maybe w/ some crumbled bacon too. What do you think?
Author Comment
fiveandspice June 18, 2013
I think that would work wonderfully!
Texas C. June 18, 2013
This is a wonderful dish by itself and I think pasta would muddy the flavor of the cabbage.
em-i-lis June 18, 2013
Ok, so I riffed on this by caramelizing, in bacon fat and butter, a whole Savoy cabbage, a mess of shallots and some garlic. To that I added some cream, zest of a lemon, a decent amount of finely chopped mint, a hefty shower of Parm and some pasta water. Tossed it with whole wheat spaghetti and more Parm. Wonderful!
em-i-lis June 18, 2013
Oh, and some garlicky breadcrumbs too!
Author Comment
fiveandspice June 19, 2013
Sounds awesome Em!
tota April 5, 2013
For Texas chicki--I learned a trick for grating ginger from a local chef.Keep knobs of clean ginger in freezer,wrapped in foil and then when you want to use,a spoon easily scrapes peel away and its easy to grate.
DragonFly April 2, 2013
Best cabbage I have ever had! I put half the amount of cream and butter and it was still perfect. Thank you
Author Comment
fiveandspice April 2, 2013
Fabulous! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
Texas C. April 1, 2013
I cant peel ginger very well either. I use a grapefruit spoon and it works much better than a spoon.
Author Comment
fiveandspice April 2, 2013
That's a great tip!
DragonFly March 23, 2013
I have a nice organic head of cabbage that I did not know what to do with , now I know! I will be adding the butter and cream!<br />Sounds delicious!
Author Comment
fiveandspice March 26, 2013
watercupcake March 18, 2013
Tried this today. We had leftover corned beef from St Patty's day and I was going to serve it with sliced corned beef. ( with just my husband and I now we usually have lots of leftovers) However when I tasted the cabbage as it was nearly finished, I thought the two of them would be very good together. I cubed the corned beef and added it to the cooked cabbage and it was a wonderful meal. The ginger in the cabbage went very well with the highly seasoned beef. I have a new one-pot meal and a really good way to use up corned beef.
Author Comment
fiveandspice March 20, 2013
Mmmmm, that sounds fantastic! You make me wish I had made some corned beef for St. Patty's day. Thank goodness there's next year!
watercupcake April 7, 2013
Made this again the other night with leftover cubed Easter ham. Totally delish!
Author Comment
fiveandspice April 8, 2013
Nice! Love it.
NYanne February 20, 2013
I love this recipe. I make it without butter and cream and add anchovies. It is remarkable!
Author Comment
fiveandspice February 20, 2013
Awesome! Love the 'chovie addition.
EmilyC February 18, 2013
I'm re-commenting because I made this again last night and I was reminded of how ridiculously good it is! It's so forgiving too...I neglected my pan on the stove, sure I had browned the cabbage too far, but of course heavy cream came to the rescue. Those creamy browned bits are addictive.
Author Comment
fiveandspice February 20, 2013
nanciesue February 11, 2013
Loved this recipe. My favorite kind--so easy and so tasty. Thank you!
Author Comment
fiveandspice February 11, 2013
shofielen February 10, 2013
I have been making this recipe since I first read it a few weeks ago. Never knowing what to do with cabbage this hit the spot. As a vegan I replaced the cream with Oat cream - delish. And forgo the butter and oil by simpling letting the onions cook without anything and then slowly adding a bit of water (or bouillon) to prevent it from sticking. Tastes fine and you avoid unnecessary calories. Thank you for enlightening me to the wonders of cabbage.
Author Comment
fiveandspice February 10, 2013
Sounds great! I like the onion cooking trick.
megken February 7, 2013
Great recipe. Didn't add cream because I was out and it was delicious anyways.
Author Comment
fiveandspice February 8, 2013
Kitchen B. February 1, 2013
Making this right now - very much looking forward to it. All the sneak peeks let me know it'll be worth it. Love the ginger the most!
Author Comment
fiveandspice February 2, 2013
Thanks KB! I think the ginger is my favorite part as well!
aargersi January 25, 2013
I made this again last night - the coconut milk edtion - I cant stop eating this cabbage - who ever thought they would say THAT? I got a cabbage as big as a basketball in my CSA this week so it is going to be suspiciously delicious around here for awhile.
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 25, 2013
Life is good when you can make it suspiciously delicious. (Happy sigh.) :)
SouthInYerMouth January 17, 2013
I made this last night and was so pleased with the result! The cabbage had a lip-coating butteriness, due to the cream, that was completely irresistible. I may never cook cabbage the "old way" again!
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 20, 2013
Thanks for letting me know!
BraisedCabbage January 15, 2013
This was a fantastic side for latkes. Definitely going into regular rotation. Thank you!
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 16, 2013
Yippee! So glad. Especially given your screen name, hehe.
makan January 10, 2013
I've also add chopped anchovies while cooking the aromatics and it's lovely!
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 10, 2013
Anchovies are very nearly always a good idea!
Literary E. January 1, 2013
I made this for New Year's, and it was a pretty big hit at the dinner party we went to, despite its olive-drabbish low profile. The hostess kept sneaking another spoonful long after she said she was done with dinner. <br /><br />I found that I really didn't need as much cream as the recipe calls for for my smallish-I-guess cabbage - trust your instincts. You want to moisten it well, not to overdress it.
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 1, 2013
Good call! I think a cook always needs to trust their instincts, and their own taste! We all simply have slightly different taste preferences and should let that guide us.
meganvt01 September 7, 2012
Finally made this and it is yet another fantastic fiveandspice recipe! I'd say you are my all time favorite f52 cook. I only had 2% so I thickened that with a little roux. Amazing!
Author Comment
fiveandspice September 8, 2012
Oh wow, thanks Megan! You're one of my faves too! :)
JenJack July 16, 2012
This was fantastic on top of an open faced pulled pork sandwich! Couldn't be simpler! I made it with cabbage harvested from our garden. Thank you so much for the recipe
Author Comment
fiveandspice July 17, 2012
Oh yum! I absolutely love the idea of serving this with pulled pork. Mmmm.
Crispini April 19, 2012
I made this last night to serve alongside roast chicken- supremely delicious comfort food for a cold, damp April evening. I love how the combination of these few common ingredients and a simple technique transform into a cabbage dish unlike any I've made before. I'm a big fan of cabbage and this recipe will be a keeper for me!
Author Comment
fiveandspice April 19, 2012
Your dinner sounds divine! And perfect in a chilly April. I'm so happy you enjoyed it so much.
Emily March 28, 2012
I only had whole milk (and a bit of half and half) and it still turned out delicious!! Also, I brought the leftovers to work with me the next day and it was still delicious!
Author Comment
fiveandspice March 29, 2012
Wonderful! I'm glad you liked it.
vivanat March 4, 2012
This recipe makes me look forward to the cabbage in my CSA box. Just used the last of my cabbage tonight to make this, and I'm a little sad that I won't see it again for another 8 months!
Author Comment
fiveandspice March 5, 2012
That's so great! I love hearing about cabbage converts! I'm glad the last of your cabbage was used with a bang. :)
ubs2007 February 29, 2012
Wow...incredible dish! My 4.5 yr old son couldn't get enough of it. He finished most of it within one meal!
Author Comment
fiveandspice March 1, 2012
Oh yay! That makes me SO happy to hear!
toekneeray January 2, 2012
Loved this! Used olive oil instead of butter and half-and-half instead of cream and it was heavenly!
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 3, 2012
Awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!
Yazoolulu January 1, 2012
Thank you for this lovely, simple recipe. I used coconut milk (lowfat) and walnut oil to make a vegan version of this that was off the chain delish.
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 2, 2012
Oh wow! I can't believe I hadn't already thought to try this with coconut milk. Yum! I'm happy to hear it worked out so well for you!
bd20009 March 17, 2012
thanks for posting - i was just wondering if coconut milk would work! <br />
northernspy November 21, 2011
i made this tonight and yes--totally amazing. the ginger adds a gentle warmth, and the cabbage and onion become sweet and caramelized and soft. i, too, have lots of CSA cabbage--i used green this time but i have a purple one too that i think i will use to make this again, funny colors be damned. thanks fiveandspice! <br />
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 22, 2011
That's great! Thank you so much for letting me know! And, though purple cabbage looks funny prepared this way, it does taste wonderful. So go for it!!
Susan November 17, 2011
I made this tonight - SO yummy! I am actually thinking about going back to the fridge and snacking on the leftovers. I added a squeeze of lemon at the end. Delicious. <br />
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 17, 2011
Oh, I love the sounds of that dash of lemon at the end!
Tarragon November 17, 2011
I made this last night, having no expectations; I just wanted to use up a half head of green cabbage. It turned out to be FABULOUS; the ginger was very subtle, not in your face. Even my husband, who said he didn't want a second helping, nevertheless spooned out and ate everything left in the pan. I halved the recipe, and used evaporated milk instead of cream. Very doable for a week night when I started cooking at 8 pm! And I don't think the recipe is so bad nutritionally, since a lot of the cream evaporates, and 2T of butter for 4-6 servings isn't so much. Thank you for a great recipe.
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 17, 2011
Thank you! :)
bottomupfood October 22, 2011
We made and enjoyed this recipe last night. But we know why: there is a ton of butter and cream in it. So if you are suspicious about why this recipe is so good, that's the answer. Maybe it should be called "Unsurprisingly Delicious Cabbage with Tons of Butter & Cream." <br /> <br />If we make this again we may leave out the cream altogether.
Author Comment
fiveandspice October 23, 2011
I am glad you enjoyed it! It is true, there are few things with lots of butter and cream in them that aren't fairly delicious, but as I mentioned in the headnote, my husband called it "suspiciously delicious" and I thought that was just such a funny and catchy sounding phrase, I entitled the recipe with it. (And I do like to think that the ginger and the technique of browning the cabbage first add a little something beyond what you'd get if you just combined cabbage with butter and cream!) This is how I made it and enjoyed it, but it is absolutely your prerogative to live out the cream if you wish. Part of the fun of recipes is adapting them so they suit you to a T!
deanna1001 October 15, 2011
Oh yum! Fabulous. Must be the ginger... I subbed evaporated whole miik for the cream (as is my wont when I'm feeling porky...) - worked just fine. Thanks for a great recipe!
Author Comment
fiveandspice October 20, 2011
The ginger is definitely a "secret ingredient" here! I'm so glad you liked it!
evey October 15, 2011
This is delicious! Now I wish I had bought a bigger head of cabbage. Oh well, next time then. I'll definitely be making this recipe again!
Author Comment
fiveandspice October 20, 2011
What a compliment! Any recipe that makes you want a bigger cabbage is a good recipe, eh? :)
memagee October 14, 2011
This simple cabbage dish is fantastic. I served it with pork tenderloin medallions with apples and thyme and roasted fingerling potatoes. My BF who is a very slow eater, finished before me and had seconds.
Author Comment
fiveandspice October 20, 2011
I'm so happy to hear that! (also, sorry for my slow response - I'm not receiving any notifications from food52 anymore, and have no idea when people comment on my recipe!)
EmilyC October 12, 2011
I made this for dinner tonight to go along with some leftover roast pork. It was fantastic! I loved the complexity of the dish from browning the cabbage, and you're right when you say that the cream just practically melts everything together. I realized a few minutes before I started that I didn't have any heavy cream (which is a rare, rare thing in my kitchen!) so I stirred some creme fraiche and half-and-half together. Worked well! I also added a splash of sherry vinegar at the end. Thanks so much for a lovely recipe!
EmilyC October 13, 2011
By the way, I'm eating this now as leftovers, and I think it's even better the second day! Definitely a good make-ahead dish.
Canuckette October 10, 2011
I started out with a recipe for beet and cabbage slaw, but I screwed up-- I didn't read carefully and I missed the part about roasting the beets BEFORE I grated them and mixed them in with the shredded cabbage. So I looked around for something to do with my cabbage and beets, and I settled on this recipe. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I had nothing to worry about. It was delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
Author Comment
fiveandspice October 12, 2011
That's so great to hear! A) I'm very happy supper was saved, and B) I'm definitely going to try making this with added beets the next time I cook it. I love the sound of that! I bet it was an interesting color, hehe.
Canuckette October 10, 2011
I started out with a recipe for beet and cabbage slaw, but I screwed up-- I didn't read carefully and I missed the part about roasting the beets BEFORE I grated them and mixed them in with the shredded cabbage. So I looked around for something to do with my cabbage and beets, and I settled on this recipe. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I had nothing to worry about. It was delicious! Thanks for sharing the recipe!
petrichor October 7, 2011
whoa whoa whoa. whoa. I have never wanted to cook up some cabbage more than I want to after reading this recipe
Author Comment
fiveandspice October 9, 2011
Love it! :)
HollowLeg May 27, 2011
Just ate this and oh my god it's so good! I added a little bit of nutmeg also.
Author Comment
fiveandspice May 28, 2011
Thanks! I love your addition of nutmeg. I bet that was so nice with the ginger and cream.
Fran M. April 25, 2011
I just made this last night and It was fantastic. I will be making this one again and again. Thank You for sharing !
Author Comment
fiveandspice April 25, 2011
That's so great Fran! I'm really happy to hear that you liked it. Thanks for letting me know!
Hummusit March 28, 2011
OK, so I'm laying off the fat stuff for a while, but I still managed a version of this that we really enjoyed. 1 Tb of butter to fry the onion-garlic-ginger in, and then some water (not alot). Instead of the cream, I used some thinner white cheese that I added only after I turned the heat off, and a bit more water. Yum!<br />(BTW - this recipe really reminds me of one from an old issue of The Joy of Cooking - that one didn't have ginger, just some sugar and vinegar. Kudos for upcycling it.)
Author Comment
fiveandspice March 28, 2011
So happy it worked out for you and you enjoyed it! Your substitutions are so clever!
emmanation March 20, 2011
Even if this weren't delicious (which it is), I would recommend it as an aromatic. I swear, 12 hours later, the smell in our kitchen is still making my mouth water.
Blissful B. March 20, 2011
Given the typical smell associated with cooked cabbage, this is really saying something!
Author Comment
fiveandspice March 20, 2011
No kidding! Hmmmm, maybe I should try to patent and market the scent as potpourri, hehe :).
wssmom March 18, 2011
Received a large head of cabbage today via the organic delivery service; totally bored with cole slaw; prepared this ... IT ROCKS!!! Plus, it doesn't smell up the kitchen like boiling cabbage! (p.s. need to try the kale version shortly ....)
Author Comment
fiveandspice March 19, 2011
Thanks wssmom! Glad you enjoyed it! (And it's true - so much less stinky than boiling cabbage!) If you give the kale version a try, I'd love to hear what you think of that too.
Spork February 18, 2011
Amazingly delicious, and even better the next day for breakfast with some home fries and fried onions on the side, mmmmmm!
Author Comment
fiveandspice February 18, 2011
Oh man! Love that idea!!
familydinners February 17, 2011
YUM!!! I used mimicCream as a nondairy sub for the cream. Delicious.
Author Comment
fiveandspice February 18, 2011
Oh I'm so glad you liked it!! And it makes me very happy to hear that it works well with non-dairy options. Thanks for letting me know!
obleak1 January 31, 2011
I made this last night and it was delicious! It was one of those serendipitous occasions when I had all the ingredients on hand, and it was a wonderful companion to my cider braised pork shoulder with cardamom, apples and sweet potatoes. Really brilliant!
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 31, 2011
That's wonderful! I'm so glad you liked it. The pairing with the cider braised pork shoulder sounds absolutely brilliant!
VanessaS January 12, 2011
I've made this twice already, and everyone that I've made it for loves it. Such a good winter vegetable recipe, it really is great.
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 12, 2011
Oh that's wonderful! Thanks for letting me know!!
Blissful B. January 10, 2011
My husband & yours must have similar tastes. I made this cabbage tonight & he LOVED it. I made it with purple cabbage, because that's what we had on hand. For fun, I uploaded a photo above.
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 11, 2011
That's great! I'm so happy he loved it! Thanks for letting me know, and for the photo - fun!
Midge January 7, 2011
We had this last night with roast chicken. Totally delicious!
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 7, 2011
Yay!!! Glad you liked it :).
Kayb January 2, 2011
This was my nod to the traditional greens for New Year's Day, as I don't like cooked greens of any sort -- except cabbage. I was absolutely blown away by how wonderful it is -- my only complaint was that it was so rich from the cream that I couldn't eat as much as I wanted to! Marvelous dish, and thank you so much for the recipe!
Author Comment
fiveandspice January 2, 2011
I'm so glad you enjoyed it Kayb! Thanks for letting me know :). I know what you mean about not being able to eat as much as you'd like - on the other hand, I heard from my parents that they just made it, and they nearly finished a whole head of cabbage between just the two of them! Now that's cabbage eating gusto!
Karin_D December 25, 2010
Oh. My. Goodness. I just made this and it is completely delicious! Thank you for the great recipe!!
Author Comment
fiveandspice December 25, 2010
Oh, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!! Thanks for letting me know!
EmilyNunn December 8, 2010
oh, baby.
Author Comment
fiveandspice December 9, 2010
Haha! Thanks. :)
gingerroot December 1, 2010
I made this last night and it definitely lived up to its name! Not only delicious, but also addictive – this transforms potentially ho-hum cabbage into a fantastic side. I could have eaten the whole bowl by myself. Thanks for a wonderful recipe!
Author Comment
fiveandspice December 1, 2010
Thanks gingerroot! And who would have thought that cabbage could be additctive, eh? :0)
Waldito December 1, 2010
I do a version of this with Brussels sprouts, but look very forward to doing it with cabbage, especially as the Brussels sprouts recipe does not include butter ... Suspiciously Delicious, I'm sure.
Author Comment
fiveandspice December 1, 2010
Mmm, I bet it's very tasty with Brussels sprouts as well!
[email protected] November 30, 2010
Really spectacular. Easy to make, and aromatic and delicious. Would serve this with beef as a side dish Served it with roasted chicken, and roasted potatoes with garlic and just could not believe how fantastic it was..
Author Comment
fiveandspice December 1, 2010
Thanks for the feedback! I absolutely love both of those ideas for main dishes to go with it! I'm glad you enjoyed!
spjt November 30, 2010
I made this tonight and I have to tell you.. It was awesome! My kids normally are ready to "throw up a little in their mouths" at the thought of cabbage, but they ate this like it was their last meal! Everything is better with "butta" and cream! Thanks for this simple but delicious recipe!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 30, 2010
You're so very welcome! I'm glad you and your kids liked it! :0)
Kayb November 29, 2010
I can't wait to try this. I generally don't care for cooked cabbage (will eat my weight in it raw, with nothing but salt and pepper, or in slaw) except for German-style braised red cabbage. While the spice is different, I can see the overall flavor profile being similar in this. Anxious to try, since cabbage IS so good for me. (And that way I can eat half a head raw and cook the other half!)
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 29, 2010
You sound like a woman after my own heart Kayb! I tend to gnaw on a large chunk of cabbage while I'm chopping the rest to cook with :). I hope you give this one a try and let me know how you like it!
belen November 28, 2010
This cabbage is truly so delicious that a relative of mine, who never eats vegetables, told his mother, (after eating this), that she could make this every day of the week and he would be in heaven! Suspiciously delicious cabbage made our Thanksgiving dinner. Thanks fiveandspice!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 28, 2010
Wow! Now that's high praise! I'm so, so glad you all enjoyed it belen! And really, as a nutritionist, I feel like I can retire happily now having gotten at least one person who hates veggies to love cabbage...Oh wait, I have to wait 30 more years until I can retire?! Shoot! ;0)
Midge November 27, 2010
Congrats fiveandspice! I will be making this soon!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 27, 2010
Thanks Midge! Let me know how you like it. And I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! (I'm out west for the holiday and it's snowing so much, I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever make it back to Boston!)
nankae November 25, 2010
I just made this dish as well for a Thanksgiving side-- only had a purple cabbage but it truly lives up to its name. It's so, so yummy!!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 26, 2010
That's awesome! I'm glad you liked it - and I bet it was kind of an awesome purple made with the purple cabbage!
monkeymom November 25, 2010
congrats fiveandspice! I love braised cabbage and can't wait to try this.
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 26, 2010
Thanks monkeymom! Let me know what you think.
TheWimpyVegetarian November 25, 2010
Congrats fiveandspice!!! I'm definitely making this when we get home in a few days. I love cabbage and this looks delicious!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 25, 2010
Thanks ChezSuzanne! I'm excited to try your squash rings as well.
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 25, 2010
Oh holy cow! I just got back from doing a turkey trot and discovered this! This is the awesomest Thanksgiving surprise ever (even better than pumpkin pie!)!!!! Thanks A&M for the nice comments, I'm so flattered!!
mrslarkin November 25, 2010
Yummy! Congrats!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 25, 2010
Thanks so much Mrs. Larkin!
TiggyBee November 25, 2010
Congratulations on your beautiful dish, it sounds amazing... <br />Happy Thanksgiving too!!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 25, 2010
Thanks! I don't know if I would call it beautiful - cooked cabbage never looks that gorgeous :), but I can promise it tastes fabulous! Happy Thanksgiving!
gingerroot November 25, 2010
This sounds so good - congratulations on being a finalist, fiveandspice! Happy Thanksgiving!!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 25, 2010
Thank you!! And Happy, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!
drbabs November 25, 2010
Congratulations on being a finalist--delicious sounding recipe!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 25, 2010
Thanks so much drbabs!
maryvelasquez November 25, 2010
There is a cabbage in my fridge with this recipe's name on it!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 25, 2010
Thank you, and I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think! Cabbage may not be the prettiest kid on the block, but I think it deserves to get a lot more attention than it does because it can be so yummy :).
babycook November 14, 2010
I actually made this dish last night with olive oil and soy milk (we had some friends over who were vegan) and it was delish! I had received a huge cabbage in our CSA and I wasnt sure what to do with it.....there's only so much cole slaw a person can eat.....anyway, even without the butter and cream it's a great dish. Thanks.
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 14, 2010
Oh good! I'm glad it worked out so well!
SallyCan November 12, 2010
This looks delicious, and interesting to have ginger with creamy cabbage. Would you mind posting your kale recipe?
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 14, 2010
The kale is pretty similar, except you steam the kale for a few minutes before chopping it. Then you sautee it with the onion and ginger - no garlic - and 1/2 tsp. of ground turmeric. Finally, in addition to the heavy cream, add about the same amount of buttermilk and simmer it all until the liquid thickens.
mklug November 5, 2010
Butter and cream--helps everything! I too have been looking for some way to mix it up with the cabbage, since that's about all we're left with locally now...sounds yummy!
Author Comment
fiveandspice November 9, 2010
I would have to agree. Butter and cream, mmmmm.