The positive effects of Viritenz towards the male sexual drive

February 27, 2018

Author Notes: How important is sex to men? Men have been stereotyped as sex-obsessed machines in movies, books, and television shows. Stories and movie plots show men as going crazy for sex all the time. How true is this?

Men have long been thought to be thinking about sex all the time. Yet, a study that involved more than 200 students of Ohio State University shows differently. The male students did think of sex like 19 times a day but certainly not the whole day.

The same study involved women as well. They found that female students think about sex for 10 times a day. Does this mean then that men do think more about sex than women?

The study suggests that men are more open in their thoughts about sex. This is probably the reason why men think about sex more frequently than women.

In 2015 a study found that men are comfortable with casual sex than women. An invitation for casual sex is seldom turned down by men. Women were also tested and found that they are also willing to have casual sex ONLY if they feel safe in the environment. More or less, the study established that only social norms separated men from women when it comes to sex.

What are the factors behind men’s sex drive?

Men’s brains

Male libido is another term for sex drive. Libido cannot be numerically measured but only understood. This means that a low sex drive means a low libido.

There are two areas in men’s brains that house their libido. One is the limbic system and the other is the cerebral cortex. Man’s performance and sex drive are controlled by these parts of the brain which makes them crucial to his sex life. Men can even experience an orgasm without a sex partner with the aid of these two areas of the brain. Simply imagining the experience can make men achieve an orgasm.


The vital hormone that has always been associated with the sexual drive of men is testosterone. Testosterone is produced in the testicles and plays a vital role in men’s body functions to include:

●Body hair growth
●Red blood cell production
●Development of bones and muscles
●Male sex organ development
●Voice deepening happening during the puberty stage
●Production of sperm

It always follows that men experiencing low testosterone levels also tend to have low libido. Higher testosterone levels usually happen in the morning with night time at its lowest ebb. Males in their late teens have the highest testosterone levels. Testosterone levels tend to decline as men age.


Men’s sexual drive or libido can decrease as they age. However, underlying medical conditions can also affect libido. Here are the medical conditions that can decrease the sex drive in men:

●Depression or stress
●Low levels of testosterone
●Medications such as antihistamines, hypertension medications, and antidepressants
●Disorders of the Endocrine system

Men experiencing low libido, low testosterone levels, and struggle to get and keep an erection does not have to feel doomed. There are now different methods and treatments to resolve the sexual dysfunction issues . Impotency is a curable condition.

What are the best solutions to counter impotency in men? Pharmaceutical drugs are one, lifestyle changes are two, and male enhancement supplements are three.

Male enhancement supplements are alternative solutions for men who want to go all-natural without the side effects that are brought by pharmaceutical drugs. Combining lifestyle changes with an alternative solution is the best treatment for men’s sexual dysfunctions.

What, then, is the best alternative brand to counter sexual dysfunctions in men?

Introducing Viritenz

One of the best brands for alternative male enhancement out in the market today is Viritenz. The product claims to do different ways to enhance the sexual performance of men. Scientists in the U.S. are behind the formulation of Viritenz that consists only of potent natural ingredients. These natural extracts offer men improved sexual desire, increased penile strengths, and enhanced stamina to max out their overall sexual vigor and stamina. The all-natural components in Viritenz stimulate various natural processes in the body leading to maximum male sexual response and performance.

Manufacturer information

The Health and Research Institute is a nutrition firm behind Viritenz. All their natural products are certified with the FDA, GMP, and the Better Business Bureau. The official website of Viritenz states that the product was voted 2017’s best male performance pill.

The website is transparent in its publication of the natural extracts found in each cap of Viritenz. User reviews are also posted on the site for first-time users to get more information about the product.

Safe use is always emphasized by the manufacturer. Viritenz is guaranteed to contain zero additives, synthetic components, and preservatives. Your preferred address is the information needed to have Viritenz delivered right to your doorstep.

The ingredients in Viritenz

Strict manufacturing conditions are followed by each process of Viritenz. This makes the product safe to use for all ages.

●Pumpkin Seed Powder

Enhanced sex drive is achieved with the help of vitamins B, C, D, E, and K found in pumpkin seed powder. Minerals such as phosphorous, calcium, and potassium also improve the libido.

●Ginseng Blend

The mix of plant extracts gives a variety of health benefits including a boost to the immune system, reduced levels of blood sugar, and better penile performance.

●Oat Straw

Improved sexual performance and overall health are achieved with the nutrients and Vitamin B components of oat straw.

●Maca Root

Enhanced libido is provided by this powerful aphrodisiac plant.


Testosterone production is enhanced and increased with the aid of zinc and natural amino acids content of oyster.

●Tongkat Ali

Sexual performance is improved with the peptides given by this natural plant aphrodisiac.
The benefits men get from using Viritenz include:

●Safe to use with no side effects
●Provides firmer and strong erections
●Provides enhanced stamina for better performance
●Provides intense orgasms for both partners
●Enhances sexual arousal and libido

100% money-back guarantee is a unique benefit offered to Viritenz potential customers. Dissatisfied customers get their money back after the first 30 days use of the product.

The extensive research to come up with the perfect formula to counter male sexual problems is the big claim of Viritenz. Journals and clinical studies information are readily available on the official website of the company.

Clinical studies back the effectiveness of the natural extracts included in every Viritenz cap. Users have not reported any adverse effects to the product. The all-natural extracts in Viritenz have the claim to be true.

The benefits men earn through the daily use of Viritenz far outweighs that of other similar products in the market today. Viritenz truly seems to hold all the answers to men’s sexual dysfunctions.

With a great product like Viritenz, men are now given a bright future when it concerns their sex life. Getting another chance to feel and perform as they did during their teen years is short of a miracle.

Men have always been vulnerable when it comes to their sex life. Men like to maintain their virility at all ages, if possible. Viritenz might just be the product to make men virile in their lifetime.

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