The truth about the weight loss claim of Sletrokor

By Natalia Hooper
February 27, 2018
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Author Notes: Of course, it’s hard to lose weight! Everyone feels that way so you’re not alone. Giving in to the temptation of eating what you want always gives the biggest satisfaction. It’s only the upward climb on the scale that takes off the happiness.

Going on a diet that cuts out foods like carbs, refined sugar, and everything nice and creamy is a challenge few can hurdle. This is more evident for dieters that have lost weight and have now plateaued their weight loss.

Did you know that cheating on food can also lead to weight loss? A day that gives you license to eat without feeling guilty is called a cheat day. You can have a treat without counting the calories and enjoy it too. It has also been found to lose weight.

Professional athletes and bodybuilders have made cheat days or meals a part of their training programs. The reason for doing this is a bit complicated. The body takes off weight quickly the first time a dieter eats only low-carb foods. Then the body smartens up when it is constantly fed low-carb foods. What it will do is to make an adjustment in the metabolism ratio by slowing it down. This is to make the body function more efficiently. This is also the time when dieters see a weight plateau.

Going for a cheat day means eating more calories than your body has been used to. This tricks the body to jack up the metabolism ratio leading to more fat-burning.

What can weight loss benefits a cheat day bring?

Do you think a cheat day will help you lose weight? Can the weight plateau be helped by a cheat day? Here are the reasons why a cheat day can help you with your weight loss.

A cheat day can encourage you to stay for the long haul

Long haul diet goals are achieved with the inclusion of cheat days or meals. This was discovered in a study that found people become motivated to stay for the long haul when they have cheat days. The participants also gained self-control over food temptations knowing that they have cheat days to look forward to.

The participants who were not given cheat day options were able to stick to their diets. But they felt that cheat days give better motivations than calorie-counting all the time. The researchers found that yo-yo dieting is avoided with cheat days. On the day that one can eat the foods that they have eliminated without the guilt is highly motivating. They keep dieters going about their weight loss goals.

Metabolism gets naturally boosted by cheat days

Metabolism slows down when the diet program is strictly followed. This is due to the action of the starvation hormone known as leptin. Leptin is the hormone that suppresses the appetite, regulates energy, and sends a message to the brain that the body is full. The leptin levels get affected by a diet of lesser calories than it was used to. A dieter that eats less reduces the levels of leptin and also makes it hard to lose more weight.

A cheat day or a cheat meal included in the diet allows more calorie intake. This will, in turn, raise the levels of leptin for a short period. A high-fat diet during a cheat day increases leptin levels and boost up metabolism at the same time. It is because the body compensates for the sudden high-fat intake by burning them off leading to weight loss.

The cons of cheat days

Every issue has its advantages and disadvantages. Cheat days can also be disadvantageous when it is taken to the extreme. Here are some of the reasons that can make cheat days work against a dieter.

Senseless eating because you’re allowed to

Some people go on the extreme end by eating everything in sight even when they are no longer hungry. Just because cheat days are allowed doesn’t mean also going overboard on eating. Cheat days are there to encourage people to stay on their diet for a long time, if not a lifetime.

It can only be a cheat meal and not for an entire day

Athletes can afford cheat days because they are constantly working out. For common dieters, a cheat meal is all it needs to motivate them to stay on the bandwagon. It does not have to be a literal cheat day when everything and anything is eaten.

Can weight loss supplements such as Sletrokor help?

Hunger pangs and increased metabolic ratios leading to efficient and effective weight loss are the promises made by Sletrokor. These weight loss actions have garnered Sletrokor the award of being the #1 weight loss supplement in 2017.

Sletrokor is a product of 18Nutrition, an American company with facility address in Los Angeles, California. The company has made similar alternative health weight loss supplements such as meal replacement shakes and fast metabolism. Sletrokor is their latest addition to complete their weight loss supplements.

The company has an official website wherein all information about Sletrokor and their other two products are featured. All the natural ingredients found in Sletrokor are featured and their actions towards weight loss explained.

Sletrokor works effectively and safely with weight loss because of its all-natural ingredients. Fat loss is aided by reducing citric lyase levels in the body. Carbohydrates are prevented from converting into fats when citric lyase is slowed down.

Natural laxative elements provided by some of the ingredients. This encourages better digestive health when toxins and accumulated sugars are quickly eliminated from the body. The process of elimination results in lowered bad cholesterol levels.

All the other ingredients in Sletrokor are there to complement and help a user to lose weight healthily and naturally.

The ingredients in Sletrokor

The ingredients in Sletrokor have received assiduous research and clinical trials to make them safe and effective.
Chitosan is a water-soluble fiber component made from the shells of crustaceans such as shrimps, crabs, and lobsters.The fiber content gives users a feeling of fullness that drives away hunger pangs for long periods.

Apple cider vinegar is a natural extract and a beneficial component of health issues in the digestive system. Suppressing the appetite is its main contribution to Sletrokor. It has also been seen to lower down the levels of blood pressure.

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit extract that is rich in HCA. HCA aids in boosting metabolism to efficiently burn off fat.

Gymnema Sylvestre reduces the levels of blood sugar. This component has long been implemented in diabetes medications. Oleic acid which is the primary source of fat in the body is also efficiently eliminated by this potent ingredient.

Cascara Sagrada has been part of the medicinal practice of Native Americans. It is because of its laxative elements that aid in treating stomach disorders such as constipation.

Aloe vera has been a skin treatment natural ingredient. It has been found that ingesting aloe vera also helps to boost metabolism. Its mild laxative action eliminates harmful bacteria from the body.

The overwhelmingly positive reviews from people that have used Sletrokor makes us see the effectiveness of the product. The absence of side effect testimonies is also encouraging. However, Sletrokor maintains that the best results are only attained when the instructions are followed.

Natalia Hooper


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