Treating joint pains with Flexitrinol

February 27, 2018

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Joint pain has become a medical condition that prevails all over the world. In the United States, 53.5 million people have been found to be affected by it. People aged 55 years and above are the most affected with some form of arthritis.

The medical practitioners categorize arthritis into two types: rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

The gradual loss of protective cartilage causes osteoarthritis which is joint pain. Some of the reasons for this loss of the joint’s protective cartilage range from metabolic abnormality, physical injury or mechanical stress. Preventing the bones from rubbing against each other is the purpose of the cartilage of the joint. It serves as the cushion or shock absorber of the joint and bones. One of the most common types of arthritis is osteoarthritis.

The more serious type of inflammatory joint disease is rheumatoid arthritis. This condition is called an autoimmune disease because the immune system of the body attacks its own tissues. This, in turn, causes damage to the surrounding soft tissue and joints.

Rheumatoid arthritis is harder to treat since it’s a chronic condition that results in deformed and stiff joints of the feet, hands, legs, and arms.

Treating both types of arthritis usually involve pharmaceutical drugs such as NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and aspirin. More serious arthritis conditions demand steroid-based drugs like immune-suppressive medications and corticosteroids. All of these pharmaceutical drugs show side effects. They may be short-term effects such as ulcers, stomach irritation, and gastritis. Long-term effects may produce effects such as heart conditions and stroke.

Herbal remedies for joint pain

Affected people have sought other alternative methods of controlling joint pain and inflammation. This is because conventional medications do more harm than good. Natural relief coming from botanicals seems to hold the answers for therapies that do not produce any side effects.

Botanicals or herbal medications have track records of being around for centuries mainly because they are derived from plants. These herbal solutions have also been found and proven effective to combat joint inflammation and pain.

While more studies have yet to be done to pinpoint the exact benefits these herbal medicines bring to joint pain, the observational medicine history of their anti-inflammatory properties has attested to the truth of the claim.

Herbal solutions safe usage

Herbal medicines and dietary supplements have become big business nowadays. Americans typically aged 2 months and above make a daily habit of taking in a dietary supplement, vitamin or mineral. Almost $34 billion was spent alone in 2007 by Americans on alternative and herbal solutions.

Yet, there are no in-depth scientific studies for alternative and herbal medicines, unlike their prescription medicine counterparts. FDA or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval is not needed for manufacturers to sell herbal and dietary supplements. However, the agency has the right to have the product removed from the shelves if the claims are not found truthful. The same goes for unsafe herbal or supplementary medications.

Enter Flexitrinol

Flexitrinol is an alternative dietary supplement containing a unique formula to optimize joint health. Scientists in the USA have formulated the potent extracts of Flexitrinol in a laboratory in American soil that is registered with the FDA. Adhering strictly to the recommendations from FDA, the manufacturing facility of Flexitrinol is also certified by GMP.

Each cap of Flexitrinol is guaranteed effective and safe to use because of zero synthetic ingredients, additives, and preservatives. Prescription medications that usually produce serious side effects are not the best way to counter joint pain when you have an effective supplement such as Flexitrinol.

The advantage of using Flexitrinol

The industry standards for clinical research, purity, and quality control are ensured in each cap that uses only the finest components.

The elements such as nutrients and vitamins blended in Flexitrinol improve the core of joint health. The components work compatibly together to regenerate new cells while optimizing the function of existing ones. The potent ingredients are backed by clinical studies as effective for joint pain. Freeing an affected person from the debilitating joint pain and inflammation paves the way for greater flexibility and mobility.

One of the best alternatives to prescription drugs is Flexitrinol. The underlying cause of joint pain is treated rather than just the alleviation of pain and other accompanying symptoms. It is a safe alternative that produces no side effects. Since it also treats the root cause of the joint problem, long-term use also prevents the symptoms to come back.

What composes each cap of Flexitrinol?

To prove its claim against joint pain while promoting joint health, the ingredients in Flexitrinol include:

Flaxseed oil

Joint pain and stiffness are effectively eradicated with the lubricating effect of flaxseed oil. Its high content of alpha-linolenic acid and anti-inflammatory qualities make it a natural and effective product for joint pain and rehabilitation.

Omega 3, 6, 9 Fatty acid complex

Osteoarthritis is effectively hindered from progressing with the aid of omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. The elements found in the omega fatty acids stop the proteins present in osteoarthritis.

Vitamin C

The body’s immune system is boosted by healthy doses of vitamin C. Rheumatoid inflammation occurs when the immune system is compromised. Collagen is a vital protein for bone and joint tissue. The presence of vitamin C helps in the reproduction of collagen.

Glucosamine HCL

Glucosamine is a natural component of the body responsible for supporting the structure of the connective tissues, joint fluids, and cartilage of the joint and bones. This active ingredient that is capable of relieving pain in osteoarthritis cases is approved by the medical community and clinical studies.

Chondroitin Sulfate

This active element has always been a vital part of any medication for joint pain. Joint health is achieved with the presence of Chondroitin Sulfate. Compression of the cartilage structure is strongly resisted with the help of Chondroitin.


A natural component found in animals, humans, and plants, MSM works compatibly with other natural extracts such as glucosamine. With this perfect combination, pain and aches in the joint and muscles are effectively reduced.

Promises from Flexitrinol

The powerful extracts contained in each cap of Flexitrinol gives the product the confidence to promise the following benefits:

●Greater joint flexibility and mobility with the reduction of inflammation
●Pain relief with the reduced inflammation
●Enhanced joint elasticity and limberness
●Joint rehabilitation resulting in better joint health
●No side effects

The absence of side effects reports coming from users makes Flexitrinol a health supplement to think about. The proliferation of hundreds of brands claiming to relieve joint pain may be too mind-boggling. Narrowing down your search for the perfect solution for joint pain relief can become a challenging task.

However, the choice can be made simpler by going for the one that contains only the natural extracts that are approved to address joint pain.

Flexitrinol meets the grade because of the all-natural extracts contained in the product. Another thing that can determine Flexitrinol to be the right product to go for is its promise of joint rehabilitation.

Most similar products on the market only address joint pain but not treatment and repair. The root cause of joint pain has to be addressed for a product fit to be called an effective antidote for joint issues. The problems happening in the joint will not be eradicated if the underlying cause is not treated. Pain can only be kept at bay but never resolved if the root problem is not treated. This is the feature that sets Flexitrinol THE product for joint pain and rehabilitation.

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