Eating and Then Sleeping – A Good Habit or Not?

By Muhammad Qasim • March 24, 2018 0 Comments

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Eating and Then Sleeping – A Good Habit or Not?

Author Notes: Who doesn’t like to eat something nice before going to the bed? Everyone wants a nice taste on their tongue before falling to sleep. But, is it healthy or not to eat right before you lie down to sleep? We all know myths like if we eat something right before sleeping it will cause adverse effects such as gaining weight.
Most of us, have a habit of taking a quick nap or of sleeping after we are done with our meals, as it makes us feel little drowsy. But, many believe that it is not a healthy habit to lie down after finishing your food. We should instead try walking which will help in the digestion of your food. Well, everyone has its own theory regarding this. Here’s a short description to help people in understanding that whether eating before sleeping is good or bad for the human health -
Why do we feel sleepy after having a nice meal?
People feel drowsy after finishing their meal; this is because our body is occupied with the task of digestion. After eating is done, brains give the command to organs for instant digestion. In the process, the blood is directed away from rest of the body organ. The blood cells help in digestion and distribution of nutrients which reduces the blood flow in brain area and that’s why we feel sleepy.
Does sleeping after eating increases body weight?
No, it is not a fact. It is a possibility that sleeping right after eating food might cause weight gain because of the absorption of calories but, those calories can even burn off the next day. It depends on your lifestyle, completely. If you will eat more, rest more and exercise less then you will definitely gain weight.
Problems that you might face cause of sleeping after eating – So, you won’t gain weight just cause you are sleeping after eating, although, it is not a good thing to do. You must keep your body active, this will improve digestion. That is why it is suggested to finish your dinner early so that you can get a nice gap between your dinner and night sleep. If you will eat late then go to bed immediately, you can develop problems like weak willpower. You will get tired easily if you have a weak willpower.
If you are hungry at nights, then you will not start preparing something healthy at that time, instead, you’ll eat whatever is available at your place. These unhealthy snacks at night before sleeping not only lead to an unwanted increase in your body weight but also lead to many other problems. You must avoid these things by preparing something healthy for midnight meals in advance. It can cause several issues such as –
Acid Reflux – GERD or acid reflux is a condition when stomach acid reaches the throat and you can feel a burning sensation. It must be treated immediately as it can damage your mucous membrane and can cause other complications.
Stroke – The body is in a working state for digesting food, so if you will fall sleep right eating, there are more chances of increase in blood sugar level, high blood pressure and increase in cholesterol level which can lead to a stroke, in the worst case scenario.
Other issues – You might feel heartburn due to excess of stomach acid that has spread to chest and throat. This gives a very sour taste in mouth and you even sleep nicely plus regularly burping makes it even worse. You might even face bloated and stomach ache.
How much time gap you need between eating and sleeping?
At least maintain 2 to 3 hours of gap between eating and then sleeping. Try to stay active for two hours after finishing your food to improve digestion. Avoid these things such as fatty, spicy and unhealthy foods at dinners; always eat something light at night.
Some other activities that you must avoid after you are done with eating –
Avoid smoking after eating as it is ten times more dangerous than smoking without eating anything.
Avoid taking a bath after you are done with your lunch or dinner as in increases digestion problems.
Avoid eating any fruit after eating food as it leads to bloating.
Avoid any intake of caffeine after eating as the acids of it’s contains solid proteins which make the process of digestion, difficult and improper.
Conclusion – So, we can conclude that eating and then going to bed is not a healthy habit not because you’ll get fat but because you might face some other serious issues, because of it. Well, don’t get upset there are some snacks that you can eat before sleeping which are low in calories, good in taste and can be easily digested. Therefore, you can try some warm milk, cereals, blueberries, almond, low-fat yogurt, peanut butter and crackers before you go to bed. You need a good mattress also if you want a healthy lifestyle. So, eat healthily and sleep on a better mattress to stay fit.
Muhammad Qasim


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